Animes with strong female leads?


| a certain scientific railgun is a fun one it's part of the index series but is a good starting off point

| Jojo part 6 is a manga and hopefully soon to be an anime with a strong female lead

| Any magical girl anime

| Madoka

| Evangelion

| The protagonists of Princess Principal are all badass girls

| >>716455 the mc of evangelion isn't a girl dumbass

| >>716632 imagine calling shinji a main character lmao

| the girl in keijo!!!!!!!! was pretty strong

| Kill la Kill.

| Book of Bantorra
Michiko and Hatchin

My two faves

| Ghost in the shell

| Shoujo kakumei Utena

| Elfen Lied
Black Rock Shooter
Guilty Crown
Sekai Seifuku

| any gibli movie

| Gunbuster, my fav. Clumsy girl who will became the hero that save the galaxy. Also Symphogear because it's so cool, Hibiki the mc is a cute badass tomboy who scream very loud.

| Hey I posted the thread and thanks for the suggestions guys! xoxo

| Look for any anime classified as shoujo

| >>716455 you made my night with this xDDDDD

| Claymore, Armitage, Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit, Spice and Wolf, Psycho Pass, Black Lagoon, Jormungand, Michiko and Hatchin, Kino's Journey, and Blood C

| Hibike! Euphonium
Assuming that by strong you mean a well crafted character

| Birdy the Mighty

| >>717747 sorry for the doublepost but I should add, Decode is pretty shit. The original OVA is miles better

| Akame ga Kill, Haruhi Suzumiya

| Kill la kill

| can second Psycho Pass, no unnecessary fan service in that one either

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