To the g/u/rl who recommenced Aria

| You recommended Aria about 10 months ago in a slice of life recommendation thread.
Just now I finished the Origination and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever watched. I cried like a little kid that dropped it's candy into a dirty puddle but I still had to smile because of the beauty of it. Now I simply want to thank you for mentioning that franchise, it turned out I had an Aria shaped hole in my heart. Nothing ever moved me like that and brought my to tears so many times.

| We may not know each other but rest assured that you made somebody incredibly happy and you certainly have earned my life long gratitude for the impact Aria had. I hope you are doing well g/u/rl.

| whats Aria?

| >>715535
An Iyashikei SOL anime that was ranked #1 on the biggest anime web site for almost a decade. It's pretty chill.

| Nice. Aria is on my watch list. I'll have to move it on up!

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