So I heard Highschool of the Dead was shitty

| and I guess it was because a bunch of patrician prudes didnt like all the fanservice and i agree it's kinda extraneous at times, but it's like...there's a fairly decent story and okay characterisation and shit, with all this ecchi dropped onto it clumsily

| Nah it sucks unless you like fan service then it's great

| >>715153
Nah the meat is definitely the zombie story and the animation is pretty damn good

It's like four people working on a zombie show and one working on a hentai collaborating

| >>715153 imagine negating all the qualitties of a show just because there is sum bewbs in it

| But it is not finished and it won't be finished if you look at how the manga is discontinued.

So the series is eternally cursed as the "bullet time boobs" or you also can say "boobs that flaps faster than helicopter propeller" clip become the single icon that defines the whole anime.

So yeah, don't need to waste time arguing wether it is good or not.

| >>715188 in my head they just kept living until they died and humanity was extinct, tge overall story and characters were well writen, people who is as another boob anime arent really paying attention so their opinions arent even that reasonable but hey people will be people I guess

| >>715191 how are the characters well written pls explain

| It's pretty boring outside of the boobs... when people say it's shit, I think they mostly mean there's better anime you could be watching (and even better anime with fanservice)

| Booba

| >>715224
Their interactions dont suck. It's not Shakespeare or anything but the way Rei is all fucked up in ep 1 and accuses MC of hating his literal best friend who he was just forved to kill, qnd then seeing the expression on his face...that's what hooked me. That's half decent drama right there afaic.

Like shit its obv af a lot of you already just hate the show but dont pretend it doesnt have redeeming qualities.

| >>715264
Take some valium bro

| >>715436 people need to take their ecchi bad glasses

| >>715436
>tell me why is good
>well it doesn't suck

| >>715468
You legit just cropped the very first line lmfao
the point being that in pretty much any other harem or whatever the interactions are exactly the cliched crap >>e350d2 seems to accuse it of being.

What I said was that there was "okay characterisation" and have also explained why

Again, we get it, you guys despise the show. It's fine, I think it suffers horribly for the ecchi, too. Let's at least discuss the weirdly better parts of it is all.

| >>715559 not true, the show doesnt fovus on the ecchi part that much, it just puts it whennever it can but its not the main thing

| >>715529 we don't hate the show, we just have different standard. For you, a step above cliche is acceptable. And an "okay" is worth praising. For some gurls, it's simply don't.

The show deliberately inserted over the top ecchi scenes; therefore, it is known for them. If you want people to ignore them to talk about the story and character interactions, they better be amazing or mindblowing. Because a "not bad" and "decent" story will of course be overshadowed by the bewbs.

| >>e350d2 >>e7a157

jesus christ jist go back to myanimelist you absolutist nerds

| >>715627 If you don't want people to post different opinion from you, you can just not post it in here. Or idk, go post it in your facebook, so you can regulate what kind of opinion can be posted in the replies.

| HoTD exists for the fanservice and also some "plot" if you want to call it that. And a few laughs on some obscure situations they find themselves in.

| >>715632 this was just sad to read

| whys there so much hate on this thread man, let people watch what they want to watch

| >>715743


Anyways glad that other than the dudes who clearly only ecery watch EVA on repeat there are people in here able to be charitable and admit that despite it beibg a schlocky ecchi ahow it has surprisingly competent animation and some moments of decent storytelling, which sucks bc it almost fools you into thinking the show is about to take itself more seriously-and then boob matrix action.

| >>715793
There's a difference between stating an opinion while havibg a discussion and making flat, absolute statements and judgements abt anime or the quality of anime a poster watches

I have made it repeatedly clear that I am aware people dont like the show and that I too acknowledge its pretty glaring shortcomings. But when I say "let's talk about certain aspects" and get told "those aspects suck and your taste is crappy" that's not an opinion I should be have to just swallow.

| >>715793
So again, I get it, you guys dislike the show. What's weird is that you choose to continually post ITT about it as if that will change my mind or prove I am so ehow the unreasonable one for asking for actual discussion on the subject. The only thing ubreasonable is that folks with seemingly no poibt to make stayed itt for days to repeatedly and rudely denigrate other peoples' opinions. Switching to a victim mode now as if your vuews are being "cENsoReD" is extremely weak.

| >>715795 true

| And you know what? I thought Queen's Blade was pretty good too boonk eat dick

"Wahhhh panty and titty in my big boy anime so bad!!!!!!!!"

| High school dxd was also fun, it went a bit longer than it and the author was taking too long to make the characters fuck but the story, world and over events were really intesting, and the girls were good characters with nice lore and such, and they werent afraid to make the boys who arent main characters shine

| Ecchi can be good, people just suck

| Let people enjoy what they enjoy yo

| I just don't get why are you trying to defend a show that by your own admission is ok at best. Like why waste time on a show like that when there's tons way better without the annoying fanservise and that actually ended.
I can understand people enjoying ecchi what I don't get is someone unironically watching one of the most ridiculous ecchi anime for the plot.

| >>715833 because as you said the show is ok, not bad, dont undermine a show just because you clearly have a bias against anime tits, if you want better shows then go look for them, not everything needs to be a master piece for people to defend them

| >>715806
I always got those two titles mixed up

| >>715836

Homie, thank you

| >>715839 uh yes it is, not everything in life will be amazing and seeing something ok in can be fun and interesting, most ok shows are not bad and treating them as if they were so is just wrong, I defend ok shows because they its not cool treat something badly just because it doesnt reach your "superior" standarts, imagine if we treated people thats way... oh wait we live in a society, so yeah my main problem is that you shouldnt devalue something just cuz it isnt perfect

| >>715839
This is an incredibly pretentious take but as I said have fun rewatchibg EVA for the hundredth time or something

mega ironic you argue that we should spend our time on only the highest of pursuits while arguing about some show you supposedly dont care about in the anime board of a super niche phone app tho

| >>715853

"Guys whlouldnt you rather watch an oscar worthy 5 act tragedy all the time instead of this mediocre stuff that everyone has already admitted is at the very least mindlessly entertaining? Come on guys watch good stuff and masterpieces its KINO be patrician come on guise"


keep repeating yourself tho

| >>715853 what would consider as mediocre food anyway, eating is good, just like watching anime, if I wanna watach a mediocre show its because I want something simpler and more stale, also if all you watch is a master piece then how do know what isnt a master piece? You wont treat good shows properly if you cant compare them to bad shows and ok shows, and even them ok shows are fun because they have their quirks, and bad shows can be fun if dont take them seriously

| >>715865 well you already have high standarts so it would be hard to lower them, just dont shit on a show just because it isnt the best of the year ok

| >>715836 I don't have a problem with ecchi one of my favorite shows is kill la kill! I just think high school of the dead isn't very good and I'm mystified as to why there's some much passion in this thread. I probably wouldn't have post anything if OP said that they enjoyed the fanservise as much as the story.
Also I wasn't saying you should only watch 10/10 shows what I meant was that op doesn't sound like they even like the show that much so why bother?

| >>715875 well as we stated before, highschool of the dead is not bad so your subjctivity is just you having high standarts

| >>715937 in your head, where everything must be a master piece to be worth while, sure thing pal, it is subjective

| >>715959 subjective only when its convenient to you, well took ya long enough to reveal yur hipocrisy. No way YOU can determine objectivity with that attitude

| Dude it's a shitty anime get over it

| Yall need to watch some big order or something simillar cuz yall dont know what a shitty anime is

| Try Trinity Seven, the Harem MC there has more balls of steel going after the girls.

| So like, OP. You want the thread to be filled with "yeah man, I know right"?

Let alone mediocre/bad anime, you can create a topic about the best 10/10 anime and there will be people shit on it. That's just the nature of discussion on the internet. From what I've seen, people that call your anime shit has provided more points than you. You put more effort in complaining that people shit on your "okay" anime than rebutting their points.

| Note: I don't like Evangelion.

Just because people don't like your ecchi shows doesn't mean they are some kind of high standard anime critics. I like my ecchi show to be filled with girls and guys with different body type, not just walking jugs A and walking jugs B with twintails.

| Lol

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