Why is good wholesome Yuri so rare

| Sakura Trick, kase-san, and yagate kimi ni naru are the only Yuri anime ive seen that were at least decent but with these, I hoped they would be better
Theres some anime that does a good job of it but it isnt the focus or just isnt important in the story at all (monogatari, sailor moon, madoka)
Theres yuri bait like euphonium that could easily be a great yuri show if it was cannon
And there's trash yuri like citrus
Why is it so hard to make good yuri?

TLDR;post good Yuri anime rec

| I don't really know much anime unfortunately but I do know a few nice wholesome Yuri things. Sorry my recommendation is not anime, but Kindred Spirits on the Roof is one of the most famous and best Yuri Visual novels out there. I'm actually suprised it never got an anime adaptation.

| what about yuri kuma arashi, one of my favorite

| what you want is shoujo-ai

| >>714663
Will have to look into this one
This one is on my list to watch
I thought for the most part these terms were interchangeable?

| There is an infinte amountof wholesome yuri manga so if ur having trouble finding cute anine just go on a yuri manga only site called dynastyreader and you will have plenty of stuff to pick from

| Also nyanko days is a cute collection of 12 episode yuri shorts

| >>422ab4
Sounds good, I look into both thanks!

| >>714775
Technically yuri and shoujo-ai, but outside Japan yuri is most commonly used to categorize the explicit stuff.

| >>714910
Oh my bad. I guess I mean shoujo ai then, you're right.
I just want more girl romance anime, not necessarily hentai

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