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5 Years Worth of Catching Up

| So far I knocked One Punch Man and Made in Abyss off the list.
What are some other big name anime that have aired in the past half a decade?

| Konosuba for some laughs, monogatari for a little bit of everything?

| Kino no Tabi has a remake
Detective Conan is nearing the 1000th episode
Akanesasu Shoujo
Blend S
The Boogiepop Franchise
Cop Craft
Dr. Stone
Flip Flappers
Goblin Slayer

These are all above-average, I might have missed some.

| Mob Psycho 100
The Promised Neverland
Land of the Lustrous

| re:zero and nichijou are 2 great ones

| Golden kamuy
Comic girls

| I did watch BNA and kept up with two ongoing anime actually so I haven't been completely dark.
Thought GATE was older than 5 years but I guess it isn't huh.
Nichijou was amazing.

Thanks for the suggestions g/u/rls!

| Ghost in the shell: Stand alone complex 2045

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This thread is permanently archived