Anime in a nutshell

| > MC is a idiot and nobody respect him or like him.

> Transferred girl from other school appears and somehow pick interest in MC

> MC realise that he doesn't want to be an idiot anymore and do some effort so he can score with the new girl.

> MC And new girl likes each other but they are too shy to confess their feelings.

They were about to kiss but never happens, they were about to fu*k but never happened.

> The series end with a silly cliffhanger.

>No season 2<

| And when there's actually a season 2, it introduces a love rival who's destined to fail the moment they are presented, only making the love between MC and new girl only stronger.

| Then stop watching romance anime?

| >>713295 by that logic people would have drpped all genres of anime, there is nothing wrong with wanting or expecting something more especially when the show is good but follows the same formula as the others

| Gurls who wants a "better" romance story go to K-drama.

Most romance anime doomed to fail because the whole industry's standard caters to/ appeals to mainly teen demographics.

You see, most teenagers don't care about having a healthy relationship or going through life together. What they want in romance is mostly juvenile stuff like braging right of having a BF/GF or bewbs.

| I mean, there's stuff like School Days who went to the opposite end of other romance anime. The end result isn't good or a massive success either.

| I thought Toradora was good. Ancient Magus Bride was also enjoyable. Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying was cute. I think there are lots of good romance anime, but when you mix romance and action/shounen, it's usually pretty trash, yeah.

| >>714400 do you know any unusual roamance anime?

| lmao sounds like you watch some dogshit

| >>714433 I would call it generic, dogshit is too harsh

| >>714400
Now that you mentioned it I think Toradora is the only romance anime that I've actually enjoyed.

Are any of your other mentions similar to that one?

| Tsurezure children is interesting too, since the cast and ammount of couple is big the author makes things progress very fast while also not being the same copy and paste characters, its a really wholesome experience

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