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| Give us your best anime recommendations! Any and all will be considered

| Kekkai Sensen, one of the best animes I've ever seen. The atmosphere, the vibe, the ost. I just love it all, although I wouldn't recommend it if you want some plot heavy shows. But overall an amazing anime

| I'll never stop recommending trigun. It's my favorite anime of all time.

| Nichijou (slice of life comedy) and Toradora (romcom) are my faves. The latter much more emotional than the former however. Love them both.

| >>712698

| Girls' last tour, it's both fun and cute and also atmospheric, emotional and thought provoking without those really clashing. I really love it

| hell yea, girls last tour is a masterpiece. But to get the best ending you really gotta read the manga for the ending.

| Book of Bantorra is my all time fave. The strong characterisation, classical music, and actually fully contained story is all well tailored, and the ending is pure catharsis.

Michiko and Hatchin is a strong fuckin contender tho.

| Seirei no Moribito is another surprise gem. Great story and animation and fantastic badass female lead who isnt pure fanservice.

| Tamako Market, it's a super cute slice of life anime and I think that you will enjoy watching it!

| I love aria the animation
It's my dream

| https://youtu.be/yYJ618HckG0

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