time travel anime

| i watched the entirety of steins gate recently and im curious if theres any more other good time-manipulation anime out there, thats the one thing ive been craving for months now

| Better or in the same level of Steing;Gate? Thats hard to ask, I will lurk here just to see if a gurl has the answer

| have you seen Steins;Gate 0? if you haven't, give it a watch

| Erased

| There's Toki no Tabibito that I really like, an old school classic.

| The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Thermae Romae come to mind.0

| Does futurama : bender's big score count ? Futurama has a lot of good time travel episode

| Re:Zero. Not really time travel but the concept is almost the same.

| >>712372 I think it does count, and certainly has the hopless feels that steins;gate gives

| It's interesting that there's not so many. I personally struggle with the time travel theme because repeating scenes tends to bore me.

| DNA², which I haven't seen yet. It's a "Solve the Time Paradox Harem Problem", so it counts!

A pair of scissors and an actual gun would have been more efficient at doing that kind of work, Karin.


| >The psy congroo

| >>713019 Karin is such a Karen too

| You could try to play the steins;gate visual novels. Maybe they have paths the animes did not explore. Actually time loops where you get to replay scenes and pick different dialogue choices to get to the good ending sounds amazing.
Time travel as a game mecanic and a plot device could be awesome if well implemented

| >>713969 the vns do hit different, its a nice way to see how much there is still left to discover

| Steins;Gate 0

| Real talk, Re:Zero is really good also. Play the Steins;Gate visual novel if you haven't already, it might stil, be on sale on Steam.

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