Fellow g/a/ls, do you own mangas?

| I'm talking a physical collection on a bookshelf, or atleast a couple of 'em.

| Yeah, a couple

| A few, for sure. Did you want us to list our physical collections in this thread?

| Just a few of them, some Shaman King, Claymore and Hetalia. I'm not that much of a manga reader

| I have all of prison school, kakegurui/twin (to date), most of junji ito’s work, all the Boogiepop manga/LNs, some Shintaro Kago books, I’m starting to collect the Monogatari LNs, miss kobayashi’s dragon maid, nichijou, and want to get the Konosuba LNs. I have a quite a few other books lying around but a lot to list exhaustively.

| I only have The Ancient Magus Bride and I'm planning on buying the Ghost In The Shell ones. I also would like to have Berserk, but I don't have that much money.

| Nah, I don't really collect much of anything. In my early teens I collected Shonen Jump and had the first 3 volumes of Battle Royale but these days I just read online.

| >>704767

I absolutely adore Claymore and wish it and Angel Densetsu got proper adaptations.

| indeed

| I have Fullmetal Alchemist, Atelier of Witch Hat, Hanako-kun, and a Touhou series. Among my extended family, we probably got (multiple copies of) the entirety of Yu-Gi-Oh, Doraemon, Detective Conan, and Inuyasha.

Gotta note these are localized version on cheap paper, which is very common here. Most weebs I know who's >20yo have massive collections when they were young.

| I got the generic stuff like one piece, bleach, and full metal alchemist. I also got my hands on japanese copy of berserk volume 40 and the very first volume of one piece.

| Hopefully in the future I will. I wanna start with houseki no kuni cuz I love the art so much

| i dont read a lot of manga but when i like the art, i buy them. my favorite is tokyo ghoul re

| Nah, mostly LN.

| I got all of death note, and almost all of Evangelion I'm missing two volumes I think, and a nice sprinkle of various Gundam mangas.

| I will soon start the Gunnm collection

| Yep almost entire Citrus missing last one and too lazy to buy it.

| Yes, and I semi regret it tbh because I suck at space management. But recently I discovered US release like Yen Press which has more respect towards manga than my owm country's publisher (cover design are also sometimes better than the original tankoubon but to each their own) so I've been collecting them little by little because they are so much more expensive (+import tax)

| I own the translated Azumanga Daioh volumes. I'm glad I bought them years ago before they redrew the art style.

| I do, although I bought most of them years ago. I used to have to import translations and pay high prices for them, so the collection is small and eclectic.

| Only the first tome of Ookami to Koushinryou.

| OP here (posting from phone.)

That's very interesting to hear from you lots; I have a massive collection of bleach (50 volumes), OPM (13 vol) and a couple others. The collection I covet the most (though it isn't a manga) is my No Game No Life light novels; I'm missing all but the most recent translated one, since Amazon pulled 'em off.

| I have a decent collection. All of kaguya sama love is war, yuru camp, and kase-san to date. A few volumes of punpun, plan to get more as I read more. All of the hibike euphonium manga in Japanese. The first bunch of monogatari light novels, k-on! college. All of sailor moon and sailor V.

| I have some manga but most volumes are really overpriced in physical stores in the US and I cant order manga online so its kind of hard to build up a collection

| >>707332 Why can't you order them online? Amazon.jp sells them and the shipping is flat rate. I've also used ebay sellers that will sell sets of used manga.

| I have a collection of one off manga, mostly shoujo romance manga I bought dirt cheap in clearance sales.

| Hi, I have a collection of manga of Wolf's rain and I had a Manhua collection of fox spirit matchmaker

| >>707918
Oh man, Wolf's Rain? It's the first anime I've watched back when I was just a kid. Still love it with all my heart (⺣◡⺣)♡*

I've never really read manga though. Guess it's time to fix this, huh?

| No, only bible

| >>708182 pog

| I have all of Madoka Magika and some chapters from Boku no Hero academia

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