Hololive English

| What are your thoughts on them now that we're nearly one month in?

| I love them. Never knew much about vtubers but I'm having a lot of fun.

| No

| a

| No

| a

| They're okay

| I like the clips of Amelia Watson. She's giving off crackhead girlfriend vibes to me ngl

| a

| No

| InaInaInaaaa. Everything's ASMR.

| i like ina, her art is really nice and she's chille

| a

| No

| shaaaark~

| a

| 楽しいですね

| あ

| Smol あ

| So there a thing for dicks with a voice changer. Who would have guessed.

| a

| The chad Hololive JP vs the virgin Hololive EN

| >>704598
Maybe the fact is vice versa lol

| a

| >>704598
I bet you fav Hololive JP moments is when they be speaking engrish.
Oh the sweet irony...

| Why are you guys trying to create competition between the JP and EN branches? As if the community doesn't have enough to deal with than you dumbfucks' moronic attempts at dividing the fanbase? You people are a blight.

| Vtubers are same twitch thots but for weebs and Chinese

| >>705568 except that you don't get shit on as much if you simp for vtuber

| >>705569 "It ain't simping if they're not real" -Gigguk 2020

| >>705572 they are real, just think at least once who can hide behind that avatar.

| >>704272 you'd love to hear about a certain middle aged man who uses voice changer to play a little girl character. the fact that it's known publicly doesn't stop the lesbians from liking her.

| >>705572 he's wrong
>>705496 overseas fanbase is full of attention whore i swear to god

| I really like Hololive EN. I don't speak Japanese, so it's good that I can tune in to their live streams and understand them without translators. Kiara gets bonus points for being tri-lingual, she sounds adorable in English, Japanese, and German.

| >>705772 psst bro..

Hololive ID

| Might as well have a hololive Malaysia and hololive Singapore to have the whole trio

| >>705789 I don't speak ID... :(

| Mori's my favorite. Something about the way she talks appeals to me.

| I like watching their clips on youtube, I would never sit down and watch a stream or something like that though. The same goes for the non-english streams as well

| Ina is my favorite I think, her Hades stream was so good

| >>705852 They speak English 50% of the time though.

>>706083 I used to think like that, but if you're talking about archives then I feel the same way. When it's live though it's a completely different experience.

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