Goodnight Pun Pun thoughts

| Have you g/u/ys read it? Discuss!

| Read it like a year ago or something. Suuuper dark and sometimes heart warming though. Still, one of my favourite manga for sure!

| You may agree with it's thoughts, you may not, but it is extremely unique and meaningful.

| It was one of those manga that really affected me. I put it down and I went to sleep and woke up the next still thinking about it. 100% reccomend to anyone and everyone.

"Punpun wanted to FUCK."

| Another good series by the author of punpun is dead dead demon's dededede destruction

| >>702848
For me, it was just super dark and only sometimes endearing, but not wholesome. Was too heavy for me and I stopped reading after a bit.

It's been 2 years so I might pick it up again.

| depressing

| I related to it way too much

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ok, update: yeah nope 100% depressing

| really hurful one and damn that manga is really great

| The manga is great if you consider that after a while,punpun isn't the one you should be focusing on despite being the eponymous main character, it's about all the other characters who despite having went through their own shit,still kept on trying to live better lives

| >>705089 Sounds like a good life advice

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