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Gimme a character to beat super tengen toppa gurren lagann

| Just that please, i need to prove a point to a friend.

| From anime only?

| >>700985 whatever you want

| Hank hill

| >>701006 what would he do?

| tbh since at the very end of the anime, super TTGL throws literal galaxies like throwing stars, the only thing that can kill it is something of equivalent or greater power level.

I'm not even sure if One Punch Man can do it because he'd need to punch so hard it causes a shockwave many millions of times larger than he is, and as far as we know he's just functionally invulnerable.

So uh,

Idk take any god-level character and have them warp TTGL out of existence.

| >>701045 you cant warp it out of exixtence, not only can sttgl warp realylity, it can create spiral space to be alive anywhere in and out of space and time

Also im talking about the super ttgl wih is an even stronger form from the movie

| >>701048 You can warp sttgl out as long as the being isn't of equal or lower power. But even beyond that I'd start by looking at characters with multi dimensional power. Certain gods I'd say. Ones that have that kind of ability should be able to kill them in one way or another.

| >>701062 well it has to be something at least 12th dimentional since sttgl is 11th dimentiinal
And there is the problem that it can get more power from just willpower

| >>701077 They can grow stronger but not without time. And not without end. Eventually they will reach they're max. Look to vs anti spiral where they entire thing was destroyed besides Lagann/Simon etc. There is a limit and they aren't impervious. In fact if you want to cheat just use something that has no counterplay or rules to it such as death note or someone like Haruhi Suzumiya.

| >>701077 These characters/powers don't have a perceived limitation and have certain outcomes. Death note just write them away. There is no resisting its power. Or Haruhi can basically just destroy any amount of universes they exist in just on a whim.

| >>701105 idk about the insta kill curse, cant they just will death to go away, gimmy emplies that simon can revive the dead, with the authors comfirming that kamina incarnated the sttgl also since it creates space for itself they can just create a spece that makes then immune to insta death magic. Might not look like it but sttgl is very much godlike and can bend rules for iself as much as it wants

| >>701104 well if lgann is sposedly weaker why did it maneged to break the anti spiral giga drill? It felt like every time sttgl reduced itself it became stronger and sine simon was able to actually touch and beat up a conceptual 11th dimentional being, it seems the power also makes the pilots as strong as the mechs wich blows the idea of just killing the pilots

| sans

| >>701192 nah, san is strong but he is at most 4th dimentional

| >>701146 You are making a lot of leaps here. The pilots aren't as strong as the mechs. Why would they use them then? And ruling out another universes logic is why this argument can't really work. We can't know if the death note will work sure. But then it makes a ripple effect of, ok so this character can't kill this because __ might be negated by __ even though neither power would imply such.

| >>701146 In any case I can agree with the death note it was just an example but, Haruhi as an example is one that just can't be argued since both sides could say w/e. Now as for a more concrete suggestion. The one above all from marvel. He is omnifinite, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. There is not describable better than that. And I know for a fact sttgl is not omniscient or omnipresent.

| homura

| >>701224 the could work

| >>701222 its not a leap to say that, look at lorgenome in the beastmen arc, he, by getting hyped and putting spiral power on his body, became strong enough to fight bare handed a lagann and he even said that he couldnt expect much from a gunmen
And then in the movie simon did the same to fight the antispiral, normal people couldnt even touch the antispiral since it was an 11th dimentional entity, yet we see simon kill it with his own hands

| The pilots are indeed just as strong as the mechs if they feel like coming out of it to fight, some can even project spiral power without the mechs(simon in movie, boota and lorgenome) the mechs are just like a conduit that uses spiral power with some people being able to use it by just beleving it
Heck kamina came back from the dead right after he died, His vitals were down but the mecha was moving and his eyes had the spiral symbol, lorgenome became immortal and had spiral eyes.

| Now going back to undertale, couldnt frisk just use spiral power? Bot the spiral and determination are will power, not only that but both canons have rules that some species cant use said power yet also have shown beings aquareing that power and doing the impossible, and even the experiments of infusing creatures with will power to create life

| >>701306 I'm not saying the people in the world don't gain their own power but Simon and the others would not have defeated the antispiral without their mechs. That's all I'm saying. There is a reason they exist and even if you can gain immortality or some form of power. You can't become as powerful without the use of the mech. Its a part of them in a way on its own. Lagann. So its recognized as its own thing. Like when Lagann moved on its own. They have their own power.

| They aren't as strong alone as they are together. Needing each other to become as strong as sttgl.

| >>701356 well all I wanted to prove is that you cant just kill the pilots as they can scale to their mechs and even stay alive after death

| >>701356 also no way Im saying the mech are useless, as I said they work as a conduit for spiral power, they are what allow people to use the spiral, its just that some poeple reach a point where they can either use spiral by themselves or even just materialize the mecha at will with lorgenome doing both and simon just barely replicating it. But still the mechas are very much needed to be able to use spiral power initially and help a lot until the end being totally essential

| >>701367 Ah yeah I get ya now. Still I've made my suggestion all the same. The marvel god dude. Even if it is a cop out.

| >>701375 my only problem with the one above all is that we never see much from him and he barely showed any signs of actual control over anything tho if he is as powerfull and they say then he can have a good fight and even win

| >>701048

What I mean by that is that something that could "beat" super tengen toppa gurren lagann is a literal god that is a literal creator that not so much has power over space and time, but "concepts" as a whole.

All the power leveling and nth dimensional perception is irrelevant if you can literally be erased with an eraser, shredded, or file deleted followed by HDD plate destruction.

| >>701384 so the only thing that can beat STTGL is the author?

| >>810180 minecraft herobrine then

| >>701448 herobrine isnt even that strong

| Kyosuke Nanbu with his Alt-Eisen or Beowulf Kyosuke Nanbu

| >>701504 explain his powers

| >>701394

Not necessarily just an author, but a character created with the powers of one.

| >>701608 archie sonic?

| >>700957
Anyone the author wants to be able to beat them

| >>701822 thats a weak arguement for what I want to do

| Azathoth, from Lovecraft.

| >>701977 please explain and give reasons

| The concept of time is just apart of their dream. They're immortal. Reality warper. Concept manipulation. Acausality, meaning they exist outside cause and effect. The being, yog-sothoth (another being in Lovecraft) is a being who transcends everything and even he is just a part of azathoth's dreams. Has nigh infinite power/durability. Is omnipresent.l and omniscient. The list goes on. They're a god among gods.

| Maybe somebody said him earlier, but who cares.
I bet for Saitama from One Punch or Shaggy from memes.

| >>701984 reality warping and causality warping doesnt affect sttgl, not only that but sttgl can exist outside of any existence since it can create and destroy space at will, sttgl also has nigh infinite power, can control space and time to become omnipresent with shrodingers teleport that puts it in all points of space and time in present, past and future. The only thing that puts it above sttgl is omniscince wich can indeed be an advabtage

| Azatoth can win but sttgl also has a great chance of putting up and great fight and a small chance to win

| >>701999 of course haha. Though I disagree with some of your points. I agree they would have a good fight. Azathoth imo with advantage.

| https://youtu.be/livO1i_5qJ0

Just dropping this to so people can see the character

| Idk umm, Turn A Gundam?

| Idk,just create your own character which is super tengen toppa gurren lagann but +1×infinity

| That a bit cheap, not that I didnt try

| Anyone else has ideas?

| Honestly you've overhyped the character. If literal old gods are still struggling to defeat him then who do you expect someone to bring up?

| >>702441 i didnt overhype, the author did it not me, also the old gods wouldnt struggle, they would just have a great fight with great chances of winning

| Haruhi Suzumiya and Ajimu Najimi, but there are tons, just look on vs wiki

| >>702488 Haruhi was suggested and denied. (Basically)

| >>702506 when?

| >>702644 oh forget it, I saw it

| >>701823
What you want to do is stupid.

| >>702758 you are stupid

| >>702764
Not as stupid as someone trying to run a powerlevel thread.

| >>702767 why are you here then? Go be toxic on another thread you dumbass, everyone here was actually engaging, you are the problem, not us

| >>701043
Sell propane and propane accessories

| >>703089 i guess team dai gurren could use it

| Frankly i'm surprised no one has mentioned characters like the presence (dc),the one above all(or whatever nonsense top god marvel has now) or even elder god demonbane

| >>703405 one above all was mentioned, some elder gods too, but the lack of dc here really is strange

| >>7efc66 you have tism lmao

| >>d443bc how original

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