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| I want to get into simping for one vtuber! Just kidding. Just wanna closely follow a vtuber.
Pls recommend some for me, I like cute stuff

| a


| Tsunderia. Kamiko Kana.

VOMs. Jitomi Monoe.

Honey Strap. Suou Patra.

Niji ID. Amicia Michella.


| everyone in hololive english, haruka karibu, amano pikamee, hana macchia, and everyone in hololive id. i'd recommend checking out indie vtubers on twitch to find some more unique veechubas to watch

| >>700038 Veibae is popular enough to have Japanese translations of her content. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with IronMouse.

| I didn't realize there were so many! Indie vtubers? Does that mean they can be close to their audience? I understand japanese by the way so translations are no problem

| >>700055 I've fallen down the peko hole so far I begin to know of 1k sub vtubers and have favorites among them. Currently I'm watching Necro and her Mario 64 streams when I can. More importantly though, give the OG English vtubers some love if you can. Tia Sunshine, Kaheru, Mira Pink, and Deat started out along with Natsumi Moe and Rin Asobi years ago yet are still trucking along with 4 digit subs.

| https://youtu.be/k_zU0q6Kxkw

| Projekt Melody

| >>700140 horny

| >>700140
Does too good a job pretending to be an idiot

| I have a hard time catching them live with my work schedule. So far I’ve seen and enjoyed videos of nyanners, mori calliope, projekt melody, Sakura miko, coco, and a few others. They’re all pretty cute and funny but there’s only so much time in the day to catch all their antics. I haven’t had the chance to see any of the other new English hololive gals.

| So many people have fallen into the swamp.. hololive being its own swamp because it's like the gated community of vtubers. If you're following multiple groups or indies then you're pretty much in the mariana trench

| >>700565 Not yet. It's still not enough. I want to expand my knowledge even more, so once I feel I have sufficient knowledge about obscure indie vtubers in EN and JP, I plan to dip my toes in the other international vtubers, particularly those like Lyrica or Vampaia. SEA gang rise up.

| In short, the Mariana Trench isn't deep enough. Watch me enter the inner core.


| >>700582 bro good luck with that. meanwhile I'm just warming up to VOMS and Nijisanji ID. I'm not used to getting all these new information after watching only hololive for about a little over a month.

| >>700074 Blehgg

| >>700074 She's retarded, cute but retarded

| Aaaand hololive fucked up again. Movie night is ruined :'(

| >>700908 i wish they did a better job at protecting their talents instead of sucking anti and china cock :(

| You do know HoloCN exists, right? They may be put in actual danger if Cover doesn't respond correctly.

| >>700972 I know. This discussion has been had in many places, but there will always be opposing sides, and I will always pick the "yeah, but.., wait actually" "side" because politics is a mess.

I'm just coping with ruined movie night :)

| No. Just no.

| Nyanners! ^^


| hey guys i checked out most of what was said here and i think i found a favorite already, thanks!

| >>701219
That's the plan

| >>701365 welcome gurl

| Gura ftw

| >>8494a4
Who turned out to be your favorite? I think I found mine too. I really like silvervale ????

| >>701952 ninomae inanis and some nijisanjis!

| My favorite vtuber is an independent one named manten hanamaru
But she broke her microphone yesterday so it sounds like shes speaking under blankets now. Sad.

| a

| Vtubers are males. You're paying a man!!

| >>702151 yeah holostars and some nijisanji vtubers are men, i don't mind simping for them tho

| >>702151 Imagline not simping for the male vtubers as well. Weak

| >>702151 Wrong, I am paying plural men

| >>702151 they better be!

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