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Weeb phase

| Alright, time to relive cringeworthy weeb flashbacks in our lives. I know we all had a weeb phase at some point.

I was 11-12 years old and I first got into Sword Art Online. I got so addicted to it, I even saw myself as Asuna at some point. My typing habits became awfully weeby too. I overused the term "senpai" too (used it to call my crush; it makes me cringe whenever I think about it today).

| I'd been eating everything with fucking chopsticks during my weeb phase. I'd thought of it as getting ready to moving out to Japan in the future that, of course, never came. Ugh.

Aaand I still gave a very cheap and shitty katana from those days! The only thing missing is equally as cringy fedora, I guess.

Don't remember anything cringy enough beside that though.

| When I was like 6ish I discovered Dragon Ball and Funimation shortly after. Suffice to say I would show my friends weird perverted anime clips as a badge of honour. pls never make me think of that again
The sort of katana that could cut things? Or was it plastic?

| >>698803
Nah, you can really cut things with it, the blade itself is not so bad overall. All the other parts of the so called 'katana' like the handle, the guard and all that stuff, are completely worthless. Dunno why I still keep it.

| At some point I was wearing a naruto bandana thing on the neck everywhere I went

| Nope. I'm not unlocking those repressed memories.

| >>698829
Coward. >:(

| >>698829
Don't hide from it. Embrace it

| This is what happens when you let kids watch anime at a young age.
My brother started at the age of 14, and believe me when I say it's so cringy it hurts when i hear him explain to "normal" people what a loli is.

| >>697712
pray tell, why would he need to explain what a loli is

| I made a shitty amv which I still kept uploaded on my YT channel to remind myself of the horrors of teenage cringefest. Also, I used to rp with my pen pal, me being the onii-chan and the other my imouto. I want to kill past me.

| My weeb was just naruto running like a retard when I was 8. A lot of guys in my class watch naruto so it aas pretty common. Other than that, my weeb phase wasn't too bad.

| >>698959 ah fuck i meant "my weeb phase" not my "my weeb" I'm a jackass

| >>697712
Most of my friends started watching anime as kids but only one of them was awkward about it. Dunno why you think it's about age but it isn't.

| My highschool yearbook quote was from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

| >>699094
And what was it, exactly?

| I watched anime all the time for a month. I was 3rd year uni student. That's about it for me. I do watch anime and partake in other japanese content still, but more moderately.

| I used to "Ironically" love Mio from k-on. you know, to weird out my friends. But as time passed i started getting tingles in my chest every time i looked at her an i would watch k-on clips and music all day on youtube.

It was the weirdest time of my life.

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"I'm fucked up"

| >>129f65
does she smell good

| >>699561
Of course she smells good

| I was using the teehee face expression irl for some period of time when I was 14. But gotta admit, it wasn't anime that brought the cringiest moments into my life.

| >>699015 this

| I'm still in my weeb phase, 90% of the music I listen to is Japanese, I study Japanese every day and have a giant miku poster in my room, ama

| >>5607e3
show us

| Reading lemons on wattpad is my moment

| >>699805 I got a miku poster too. I only got it cuz when I started playing rhythm games most of the songs I started with were miku songs.

| I did not have a weeb phase, but i like mangas and animes anyway

| My weeb phase was binge watching over 70 animes in one month, using unicode emoticon language, XD X3 all that shit. Countless folders of hentai galore, used to make fanfics and i dated countless people just because of anime, jesus christ. Now ive calmed down alot havent watched an anime in a while just because i cant get ahold of anything because moneys tight and kissanime is down, big sad

| >>700652

| >>7d8acb So It Continues

| Didn't have a weeb phase as a kid, but I did learn to eat with chopsticks and buy a cheap katana because I thought samurai and swords in general were cool

then I hit 20 and started watching anime and am now embarrassed I own a display katana

| >>700652 nyaa . si my dude torrent from where all those shitty sites get their stuff next time shits down

| >>700770
I dunno, I'm older than 20 and owning a katana, even a display one, still sound pretty cool.

| >>700774

| I was fucking obsessed with Sinon, I bought a fucking dakimakura of her. And obviously half of my room was decorated with Hatsune Miku shit.

| >>700413 Weeb

| >>700774 the plan is to buy a two handed or hand and a half sword to replace it, ideally one that's actually sharp/useable

kultofathena.com sells a bunch of swords including katana, they've got some cheap ones if you want to pick up one for display yourself

| Eto~
I don't think I ever had a weeb phase. Nandake~, at least not according to keikaku.

| Playing anime games on psp? But.. i do still play that such of things just on newer platforms xd

| >>701147
ma'am please just order your meal and wait over there

| Tbh once you become a weeb you will
be always a weeb, you just get better at hiding it

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