Chinese Marx Biography as Anime: "The Leader"

| https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWxJQNyu0ylp5SiE_RTxOVmoOfVAROMWA
I just watched it and I'm positively surprised. It was not that trashy and full of chinese government propaganda than one would expect (well, the most of it is in the ending of the last episode). I wonder why the producers weren't afraid because of the associations one could get, since issues like surveillance, censorship and oppression are critically portrayed...

| And for everyone who is interested in the materia: There's also "the capital in manga". But this one is less historical and not produced by the chinese government. It somehow explains marx and engels main work "the capital" in manga (as the title says). I personally liked it.

| Godfuckingdammit of course it's CG dogshit though. :/

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