Do you sometimes feel like an anime character?

| If yes, do you feel like a protagonist or a side character? ;)

| I'm the mc's side hoe

| Super side character that pines over mc's love interest but is generally a mess and used for comic relief lolol or maybe as an analogy (if I'm lucky)

| No and if you do maybe consider stopping

| I feel like an adult character who drinks at those station bars every evening and laments his lost youth

| I try to live my life as a character (not necessarily anime). It helps me make more interesting choices, rather than NPCing it up.

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Lighten up a little. You don't have to be so serious all the time.

I try to live my life like a comfy slice of life-manga. A couple of weeks ago I read a manga where they put coca cola and ice in a ziplock bag and drank it in a park with a straw. So me and a friend did that(except we also had rum in it).

| I feel like an isekai protag but before the actual isekai

| Sometimes, I guess. Mainly when I play mmos.
Though it doesn't help that I don't really interact with people, I think, both on and offline. Aha...

| A lot of times as main character, but depends...

for me for example i feel as Misaki Mei, Yuno, Girl from "Ocean Waves", Lain, Tanya von Degurechaff, Shion (sao), Motoko, girl from Summer Wars, Naho (Orange), Black king (accel world), Konata, girl from Japanese Sinks, Umaru, Sion (higurashi no naku koro ni), Koneko (DxD), Faye Valentine and so...

| >>696879 having fun is great, it's just that the thread made me think of the kind of people that do the naruto run irl.

| I wish I was a cute anime girl

| Though I do feel a lot like Nitori from Hourou Musuko

| >>47dd38


Don’t we all?

| >>697068

Big fuckin mood

| :(

| Everybody's gangsta till they realise they roleplay SAO mc

| I feel like a 2nd season sad cliffhanger, where the 3rd season was going to be picked up by a different studio but it's 'under development' but actually abandoned.

| I'm the loser nobody mc in an isiki except I'm not going to be taken to another world

| I've walked in on multiple women on tjeir restroom break. I've got to be an MC.

| Sometimes I feel like Sato from NHK ni youkoso. Even though I'm neither a hikikomori nor see my home appliances talk to me.

| >>697569 idk NHK but... *high five* "^^

| I dream in anime sometimes and sometimes I like to think I'm the villainess

| I'm not interesting enough to be a main character but I'm too interesting to be a background character. I often feel like I'm one of those side characters who doesn't appear very often, but is still a fan favorite when they do appear.

| I feel like stepstone for those "main character" of life, like i'm their hangout buddy or someone that just fill places

| >>697809 you're basically Tenten

| My life has always been too complicated to not compare it to a shiet anime.
It doesn't help that friends say I have "anime hair" and that when I moves away they said I'd be the protagonist of an anime or game since it always starts with the "new g/u/rl transferring into school."

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