Hololive English Branch Coming This Weeked

| Are you g/u/rls ready?

| Not really. I'm not so interested to google myself, because recently I found Lulu and don't feel like watching any other vtubers rn, so would you please provide us with more detail in this thread?

| >>696002 https://reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/ip81iv/hololive_english_is_a_myth_holomyth/ they uploaded pretty much everything you need to know on their official subreddit

| Tbh am already hooked on Tsunderia, an independent English vtuber group, but am excited to see how they'll interact with other Holo members and the memes in Coco's next Shitposting Review.

| >>50abfa I'm extremely excited! ????

| >>696042 Remove *????*

| Hololive myth is cool and all but I wish they would've listened to Coco and gave us Hololive meth

| I don't have the time to watch any more cute animie girls do cute things. Bless the 'best of' and 'stream highlights' channels.

| Phoenix girl best KFC parody

| >>696610 kfc girl was really boring imo, but she'll probably be more interesting as time goes on

| Impressions so far.

-Mori: Very American and great rapper. Coco will be proud.

-Kiara: Most Idol-like, which makes it jarring that she likes Pekora. Her model isn't great, even if it's made by Huke, but I'll get used to it.
>>696664 I agree, I felt the same with Suisei.

-Ina'nis: Incredibly chill for an eldritch touched mortal and a fantastic artist.

-Gawr: Was really nervous the first time despite being a meme and a phenomenal singer.

-Amelia: Token chaos incarnate of Gen EN.

| New impressions after collab stream.

-Mori: Unexpectedly awkward but still a foul mouthed reaper.

-Kiara: I take back what I said about the idol thing. Also, the most hyperactive of the bunch.

-Ina'nis: Still wholesome.

-Gura: Slowly talking more and more.

-Amelia: Very leader-like, reliable, ans unexpectedly boing boing. (I wonder what is it with Chaos-types like her, Fubuki and Coco that makes them such sempai material)

| New vtuber: Pokimane.

Idk how to feel about this.

| >>697156
Literally who

| >>697177 I envy you.

| Shark gorl's debut:


| What's the appeal of vtubers? They're just cruel reminders of my romantic failures.

| VTubers are now taken by the normies, feelsbadman

| >>697379
They are friend simulators for the lonely and desperate.
Who else has the time to watch an hours long stream during peak business hours and throw money at cute girl facades?

| >>697445
Is there some sort replika.ai but with some anime girl instead? Like that one "ISEKAI Konosuba" with Megumin, but using GPT-2/3.

| >>697379 you're describing e-girls, unless you tried to date a cardboard cutout once, then, well, I don't feel you either way.

in any case, they have the same appeal as streamers, but for people who want to fuck cartoon characters.

| >>697515 What's the appeal of streamers? They're just annoying nobodies with fake personalities and boring content.

| >>697520
What's the appeal of any media then?

| >>697532 Music sounds cool. Art looks pretty. Games are fun. Streamers do... what exactly? React to things? Pretend to be your friend? There's no engagement in that.

| >>697533
Games are fun, but if no one else from your friends (if you have any) plays them, it's pretty fun to watch reactions.

| >>9fc4c0 for fucks sake why do people have to be like this. why do you care if something you like gets more popular? because you'll be less unique? because it somehow stops being good when more people like it? who the fuck cares

| >>697578 Because content creators try to appeal to the normies, fucking retærded normien1ggēr

| Lol

| >>68beae if you use normie unironically you're a retard. and who the fuck cares if people are trying to appeal to a broader audience?

| >>697649 I've never seen someone this retærded before. Did you not read my fucking comment? Content creators change their content when they try to appeal to a "broader audience" (aka normies).

| Shaark

| I like shark one, design wise.. not into her character though

| >>697866 what's wrong with shark?

| a

| I'm so lonely

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