nobody preped me for neon genesis evangelion

| and thank god, that shit was WILD. I watch the series and then movie ending. good move on them to give people the movie, loved it.

| overrated pretentious anime anyone that disagrees can eat my shorts

| lol listen to >>443e89 calling things pretentious

| >>443e89

>get a load of this guy cam

Show was great, movie was awesome. The rebuild is pretty solid. Probably one of the best mech shows to date. To be fair I’m not too into mecha but Eva blew my socks off first watch.

| Watch Lain if you haven't. It's absolutely magnificent.

| Watch gurren laggan after evangelion and it will totally blow your mind

| Am I the only one who likes the series's ending more than the movie's? No actually now that I think about it, I'm not a fan of either. Feels like the series would be better if I just skip the last two episodes and the movie, and just pretend an ending exist out there somewhere.

Fantastic series though.

| >>695615 Gurren Lagan is boring, couldn't watch more than 6 episodes

| >>696160 honestly that was how I felt when I watch the earlier episodes. The only notable episode was on the village where the forehead guy joined the group.

I tempted to drop it by episode 6, but decided to stick around and didn't regret it. A few episodes after that, things changes, they explained more about the world and it gets interesting.

| >>695594
Just don't fall into the red/blue waifu war trap now that you're done.

| >>696387 the obvious answer is purple

| >>696160 i can understand droping it after like 8 or 9, even the 17 to 19 eps but on ep 6?! Its literally the start of the war the start of the war arc, you must really lack patience if you drop a show that has a passing as fast as gurren lagann

| >>696591 it was the episode where they met bunch of girls. It was bland and boring. There are too many things to to watch, if it doesn't grab me, I move on to something else. They did kill la kill a lot better

| >>696758 if you didnt finish the show (especially that early) then you cant even say how good it is escially in this case where its the only epsode of the show that could be considered unecessary since no major event happens, like you are the one losing a great show

| This show is a masterpiece with its use of symbolism, complexity, character depth/developmment (and much more) and if you disagree then this is beyond your understanding of what true art is

| >>696795 I can say how bad it is. They have no excuse to make the first episodes not good. Life is too short for it to get better in later episodes

| >>696905 how are the episodes bad anyways? the progression is fast, the animations is good, they dont do unecessary filler, all the characters have something to offer, the first 6 eps are the ones stablishing the base of a 26 eps show with basic fun quick introductions to bigger concepts and lore bits, like yeah it can be a bit too hyper but its literally after ep 6 that it all starts to evolve and bring back everything of the previous eps to show what it is about.

| My point is that you made a harsh decision for a show that wasnt even bad in the first place and you should give it a second try since you either had too much going on to actually watch and enjoy the show or its just not an anime for you and you are judging it as bad and not aknologing your own biases

| Dunno, it was long time ago. Remember being bored and nothing what people say it was like. Also nothing like kill la kill, which was a lot better

| >>696925
You realize Kill la Kill is a parody anime, right?

| >>697178 yea but it doesn't matter. It's good and it's well paced Gurren Lagan isn't well paced

| >>697188 you are wrong
Both are very well paced

| >>697211 nope.avi

| wow, op here

i have seen it already when it ran on toonami and i liked it.

i actually know knothing about this, so i guess nows the time to watch it.

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