Why does food in anime always look so good

| Why?

| Adobe after effect

| >>694900

| The animation was literally made to look better and simpler than reality

| Try putting motor oil on your steak

| because it's not real

>>695107 this works for pancakes too, maybe even try using a shallow bowl for your cereal. instantly makes food look way better (don't eat it tho)

| Because is cooked with love to fans <3

| it's because one studio animated cabbages so badly that shareholders started judging whole studios' capability solely based on their ability to animate cabbages (this is real btw)

| >>695461 give source now

| Animators are hungry.

| >>695462
Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na: Crescent Love

| Smooth Cabbage

| But did you see restaurant food pictures from yakuza


| >>b9b536 which one?

| Haven't seen a tsundere cook yet lol

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