hololive or nijisanji?

| both are good, but do you have a preference?

| >Shirakami fubuki<

| Both are good companies,but hololive are more focused and serious since they're "idols",nijisanji feels like ordinary vtuber with their similar content but a bit more chill.
Depends on what you like,both companies are great in their leagues

| The Voms are the objectively superior group

| >>694735 Pikamee all the way brother

| vtubing thing seems kinda gay to me ngl

| >>694833 it's called Homolive for a reason

| >>694833 you're saying that like it's a bad thing

| nijisanji, can't beat my girl toko

| Nijisanji I love Hana Macchia more than I love myself

| >>c836c9 this

| well i myself like both of them equally
but i dont have time to watch em because i have school

| Nijisanji has the eldricht crea- I mean Suzuhara Lulu so it is better

| >>694741 let's fucking go

| >>694890 are you agreeing with yourself?

| >>58ea17 yes

| Hololive has been messing up a lot as of late, ngl...

| With what?>>695401

| >>695405 failing to protect talents on multiple occasions. mel had a stalker, mio was forced to stop uploading for a month due to copyright strikes, aloe retired after a 2 week suspension because of harassment and doxxing and cover never condemned the actions of those who doxxed and bullied her. there's also when they failed every single one of their talents and purged a fuckton of old streams because of copyright concerns they never addressed beforehand.

| also when choco had her 3d stream the other day her singing was poopoo if you want to count that too lol

| >>694735 Praise, brudda.

| >>695406 My opinions on the controversies:

Mel's stalker/manager should've been dealt with long ago, considering he's an employee and has done whatever he did for several months.

Copyright is a complex thing to deal with on YT, so I don't blame Cover. I'd rather criticize Nintendo, since they seem to be the UMG of the video game world.

Addressing the issue could backfire onto other members/staffs as collateral damage. Disassociation with past identities should be more enforced.

| Did they actually do anything to Mel's stalker ? Last time I heard they brushed it off..

I really don't understand Aloe's situation. Management called it graduation, but the rest of 5th gen acted like they just attended a funeral. (I know what happened up to before the 2 weeks suspension announcement so you don't have to tell me, but everything after that seems nothing but speculations)

| >>695741 They did eventually offer legal support, but the one to actually find a lawyer in the first place was Mel herself.

Idk if you really understand if you're asking that. All the fifth genners already know each other to an extent before joining, so having their companion suddenly leave when they're just starting out left a very bad taste, even more so considering its something they couldnt control yet could have prevented.

| >>695747 honestly I don't follow their interactions outside of youtube, so you're not wrong. I was just talking about the situation with Aloe's past.

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