Gettin into Fate series

| My g/u/rls, I wanna go deeper into this rabbit hole, and I checked the list of Fate stuff and my body imploded.
Which Fate medium should I dive into? Do you have suggestions or any hot takes?

P.s.: the only ones I already watched were Zero, stay night, and UBW movie

| It's a messy franchise to dive into, but since you've already seen Zero and UBW, you should have a thorough understanding of the rules of grail wars and can go pretty much anywhere. The old VNs are kinda hard to come by but they're dope if you can actually get them setup. The Extella games are fun if you're into dynasty warriors style hack and slash. Obv the animes are awesome. The only place I don't have much experience is the mangas, cause I can't read Japanese

| Don't

| Watch the ubw tv show then the heaven's field movies and you've covered the main timeline unless you want to play the VN sequel

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I'm not a fan of DW game style bc i find it repetitive at times, but if there's more than just one button mashing, then I could go for it.
I was thinking of reading Strange Fake LN since ppl translated 5 vols already, and read the Zero LN bc I just wanna kill time.

I'm waiting to the 3rd heaven'e feel movie to get subs bc i'm not weeb enough to learn jp to watch raw. I wanna do marathon with it. I'll check the ubw anime then.

| I watched UBW, game was better. I'd say game, zero anime and maybe hollow atraxia game, though I haven't partaken in it myself yet.

| Fate is a very big franchise with a lot of stories, as I'm sure you'll know. That said, honestly I think after FSN and Zero you can go pretty much anywhere. Hollow Ataraxia, Extra, Strange Fake, Lord El-Melloi Case Files...just look them up, see what catches your eye and go for it.

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What's different (cut content, censored, etc.) in UBW game to anime?

I was interested in the Lord El-Melloi anime but was hesitant bc I don't know if its connected to a specific Fate game/anime/ln/vn, so I wanted to check the Fate series first before going to spin offs.

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It is, the main character is a grown up Waver and a few of the characters in there appear in other works (i.e Flat Escardos in Strange Fake)

| >>694592 There's just more stuff going on I think. Anime is very limited on airing time.

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