Am I the only one that unirocally has insterspecies reviewers as one of my favourite anime ever?

| My top5 would be
Gurren laggan
Interspecies reveiwers
Death note
My taste isnt even that wierd
So what do you guys think of the anime and the manga

| like it was not bad, and the whole point was to puss the boundary between anime and hentai to allow more skin in mass media

| That s6nopsis has my eyes rolling.

Idk, I dont mind some ecchi but I'm kinda sick of seeing women turned into docile fucktoy wish fulfilment for socially inept NEETs

| >>693645 then you didnt watch the show if thats what you think of it, also way to go with generalization and stereotypes at least watch the first 3 eps of any show before criticizing it

| >>693645

Also op I personally didn't care much for the show but to each their own, and the rest of your favorites are too tier imo

| Op here
I read the mange even before they announced the anime and had a blast, then anime felt like a perfect adaptation, they did everything and added more, they made it even lewder and expanded on some hiden lore wich became usefull to know in the mang cuz the characerts actually influence the world and their reviews have a huge influence on public opinion, and now things are comming all togheter in the manga
It has a good lore and even some nice sprinkles of information

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