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Almost Finished K-On and Best Girl is Now...


>>Fish emoji

| Why it take you so long to finish it?

| Ah, you're back. Mugi is underappreciated, so it's nice seeing someone give her attention. Ritsu still best girl though.

| No it's Mio

| clearly it's ritsu

| Her eyebrows are the best

| i love mugi, she has amazing eyebrows too

| I want to cum on her eyebrows

| cringe

| >>693531 mainly because my job has been keeping me super busy these last few months. I average an episode every other day ]:

| >>693531 Mugi is pretty great in season 2. I feel like she didnt actually have a character in season 1. Once they actually gave her some screen time, she came into her own!

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This thread is permanently archived