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anime i can watch with my family

| looking for some suggestions for shows i can watch with my family. i know carole and tuesday and eizouken should be fine, any other shows with no fan service or extreme violence/sexual content?

| Ghibli movies are great to watch with people who aren't used to anime. Spirited away, Howl's moving Castle and Whispers of the Heart are some of my favorites. For series march comes in like a lion is pretty good

| The Boy and the Beast is a quite good movie that fits into your requirements.

| Kino's Journey OVA

| Yanks

| Texhnolyze.

| Niea_7, nichijou, umaru chan, cromartie high school, adobo asobase, Gabriel dropout, and kaguya come to mind. Most slice of life are kind of a safe bet.

| Most studio ghibli films should be fine :)

| Sweetness and Lightning is wholesome as fuck, pretty good and the main themes are fatherly love, cooking and just general cuteness.

| Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

| Muttsuri Do Sukebe

| ^

| >>c0f43b
yups that's sure family friendly, and moreover it is about "family"

| Oban

| >>691353 oh it's porn. That's hilarious

| Boku no Pico

| Lel, on the for real maybe Yuru Camp and A place further than the universe, two lovely shows which should be fine for your family.

| Ponyo

| Booboo cha cha

| Little witch academia
Cowboy bebop
Generic shounen without gore of your choice

| Spice and Wolf

| >>691142

| Depending on how mature of themes they're interested in, Fate/Zero is pretty good

| I know it's cartoon and not exactly anime, but it is on anime sites, so check out The Owl House. It's family friendly with genuinely interesting world and characters. While the obvious humour is more on the childish side, it's filled to the brim with social commentary and references that make it fun for older audiences as well.

I probably didn't need to write a small review of it, but it's just a good show, okay?

| Hit em with evangelion they will never see it coming

| Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

| >>693172 i don't think that's a good idea, fair bit of fan service in that one. but it'd be good for watching with family members used to anime

| You right, too much funservice. Non Non Biyori and Barakamon might be better choices

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