Characters that would clap goku

| Making this thread out spite, those freaking goku fanboys who think he is the strongest in fiction
So name any character from any midia that could have a nice chance of defeating goku
Games, anime, manga, cartoons, comics, movies, books, anyone is fine as long as they can make those dbzfanfags shut up

| Korosensei
but I'm not sure it would kill him...

because well you can't kill the dead, right...

RIGHT ??!?

| The whole Touhou cast of playable characters and bosses.

| Super tengen toppa gurren lagann
Archie sonic
Super sonic
Terraria guy
Daffy duck(wizard)
Joker(in metaverse)
Stardream with nova
Xeno, jiren, beerus, moro, vegeta and broly(cuz some faggs say goku is the strongest in his series)
Saitama(if we go by implications of infinite power and not by feats)
Dream bowser
Hyoudo issei(yeah oppai dragon)
Ben 10(ominiverse version)
Arceus(full power)
Necrozma(god of light form)
All skylanders
Ains ooal gown
Bill cipher

| Shaggy.

| jesus

| >>690825 dbz fans really need him

| >>690825 bruh jezus got his ass nailed to a cross by a bunch or romans

| >>690841 yeah jesus lacks feats and he is very squishy, maybe his father could be the one to do the job

| ^

| Dream world luigi
King Smithy
Dark star

| Oshino, both Shinobu and Meme (at their peak)
Haruhi probably
Any Aegis from XC2
Guts would probably pull it off somehow
Light Yagami (with death note and shinigami eyes)
Cloud Strife probably
Sora would do it somehow
Kirrito because he's mad broken
Any major character from Death Parade (because, well, that means he's already dead so they just gotta trash him)
Palutena (with Pit alive)
Doom Slayer because fuck Goku
Pikachu from SSB64
Cappy w/Mario maybe?

| Awakened Phantom Miria

| Gurren lagann

| But can Goku clap my ass?

| >>691569 He can clap both your cheeks and mine all while Chichi still sleeping lolol

If you want in that is?

| Captain Marvel and Superman

| That kid from the Twilight Zone

| young goku

| Me.

| Stan Lee

| I'm suprised nobody mentioned one-punch man.

| Nvmd.

| Meduka, because being meguca is suffering.

| ZANE!!!

| I would.

| >>692130 I've seen you meguca guy. Who is it anyway?

| Saitama

| >>692287
It's a parody thing of Madoka Magica.

| Sentry

| Subaru... eventualy

| >>692609

| Literally, Master Hand and Crazy Hand from Super Smash Bros.

| Literally, Master Hand and Crazy Hand from Super Smash Bros.

| Soma as in Shokugeki no Soma would win after challenging Goku to a cooking duel.

now that I think about it, he'd probably lose to a lot of characters who can challenge him to other things. like most of the girls from keijo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! probably could win at keijo just on the basis of goku not having any tits

| Nigger.

| >>692903 No, You Can't Say The N-word That's Racist

| >>692944 so can't goku

| >>692657
I see what you did there

| Cuthulu

| Krillin.

| dio cuz time stop
jonathan cuz your next line is

| >>693372
To add to that:
Jotaro because, well, basically same as Dio but smarter.
Diavolo because even more broken time power.
Kira Yoshikage because Goku dumb so Goku go boom.
Fugo because Goku ain't got no cure.

Probably a lot of part 6 and up characters as well, but I'm an animefag so haven't read it.

| >>693372

Joseph* you baaaaaaaka

| >>693378
Carne bcus Notorious B.I.G.

| >>693399 oh shit

| >>693400
Would Notorious B.I.G. clap Goku though? I feel like Goku would easily find a solution to him.

| Bro rosalina

| >>693406

No way. Goku is nowhere NEAR smart enough to figure out a stand and even if he could see it he'd only try to attack it.

| Quotaro kujo

| Vash the Stampede

| Also Kinnikuman

| We can do a spirit bomb and throw it on him

| Massimo "Cipollino" Boldi would just destroy him

| yukari yakumo
hecatia lapislazuli
yuyuko saigyouji
byakuren hijiri

basically any touhou mom

| Funny Valentines D4C love train or puccis stairway to heavan

| Super man prime

| prefetcher

| speedwagon

| Galeon and darkron

| Sanic the meme

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