What's the best husband I?

| Waifus r overrated
What's ur favorite husbando?

| The chief from litnner village in gurren laggan, he is great man who fought trough war, won it, became an important historical figure, a politician and even left his position to be able to be a present parent, he always puts peoples happiness in the first place allowing yoko(who was the ace of their army durring the war) to leave her group so she could be happy, and even by end where he left his familly to fight the final battle he dedicated every action to his family and came back

| Felix or Rukako.

| Gillian from VA-11 Hall-A. He is hot and you cannot convince me otherwise

| Piccolo

| Kotomine Kirei

| >>2afd5d a g/u/rl of culture I see


| Oh someone bumped this thread so I'm guessing you still want to know more husbandos!

Shiro from BNA is cute. Both in his human form and furry form.

| persona 5 protagonist is a cutie.

| >>690105 Sure, Gillan is hot, but I prefer to get my D from Donovan D. Dawson.

In Re:Zero there's a guy whose wagon Subaru steals(?) to go save Rem(?) from the sky whale(?) or something like that named Otto. Damn he is a sexy twink.

| >>689998 is that a g/u/rl of culture, I see?

| >>691603
( • ̀ω•́ ) hehe

| Obviously the fifth male from the left in the second riot in FMA

| Also Mikoto Suou from K anime
Karama from Yuyu Hakusho
I mean I got bunch more tho...gonna have to be specific lolol

| Obviously Kaneki Ken and Shoto Todoroki. They may look bishie, but can kick ass whenever you're in danger.

| hphphphp

| Kraft Lawrence

| Chihiro

| Agate Crosner best husbando

| Shiroishi Hajime from Ichi the Killer
I would want him to chop my head off

| >>694272

| Totoro or Kirby

| >>694593 the best husbandos make you want to get killed by them at the same time you want them to fuck the shit outta you.

Also if they made pancakes on the weekends with headpats that would be a bonus too lolol

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