RIP KissAnime

| Site is down for good. I'll miss it but at least I've got the Anyme app.

| Fuck

First exhentai, now Kissanime....end of an era

| Damn.

To be honest I haven't been visiting since I got Netflix. This is a pretty massive blow though considering anime's strewn across too many streaming sites (not to mention old shows or the little-known ones).

| twist.moe is a blessing though.

| My external hard drive says 'don't worry'.

| >>688965
what now?

| I only used it as a way to see when anime was released but still big rip.

Also ex is back mah dude >>688965

| Anyme apk has MAL integration. Sure its android only but it's a really really good app.

| >>689102

When i to all i get is the solid grey background. Not even sad panda.

| >>689156
Yeah I noticed sad panda was gone too, but if you could access it before you should still be able to.

| Rip

| >>689312

Well fuck. I guess it's time to brute force some urls and lurk hentai boards.

| 9anime was better anyway, and anyme is badass

| obv there's other better ways to watch anime but it's still sad for art preservation and accessibility

| c'mon guys, learn to torrent

| >quietly still reading manga at kissmanga at this very moment

| check again, it's up now

| It was good website to get viruses by just entering it.

| >>689605

Theb get better antivirus lmao

| Sadpandas public access was removed because of issues with the host, the content was never lost and was always still there, users with the multi page viewer were able to see into ex from e- using it (view of gallery only no search)

Sadpanda came back up shortly after because someone helped tenbo setup and transfer to the new host (tenb(owner) said his hands were super fucked and couldn't deal with moving host all the time)

| >>689612 just because you have body armor doesn't mean it's a good idea to get shot

| Site was trash let's be real all pirate streaming sites are and always will be, if people were willing to pay they'd have cr, so they have to use ads and the only ones that pay well and will show up on a pirate site are already sketchy as fuck

| >>689661
If you have Iron Man's armor you don't worry about bullets at all

to follow your metaphor

| >>688965 ex is still working fine on my end. Clear cookies, log in to e-hentai, and then make sure you type https:// instead of http:// . Then it should work for you... Hopefully...

| >>689745

Ty gonna try that

| >>689745

Still greyscreen :(((

| >>689743 if you think you are iron man we put you in a mental hospital so I'm not sure I follow


| >>689661
Iron Man still has to worry about getting shot dude, just not by bullets.

| I meant >>689743

| >>689662
CR (or literally every other legal streaming side) doesn't have everything and still have to deal with region-blocking.

Kissanime has nearly everything. Ad-riddled hellscape it might be, but you can't deny its role in digital preservation and giving access to anime people might not be able/willing to watch otherwise.

| >>689745

Whoa it works now yess

| https://archive.org/details/shsmd-mohammedK-onMovie720p_hi10p
The K-On! movie is still up on archive.org

| always used watchcartoon online instead,its still up iirc

| kissanime was for plebs anyway. use the public tracker or better yet get into a private one. kissanime has forced subs which ruins the authenticity of the medium (in fact, every streaming site with a reasonable collection uses hard encoded subs afaik).

| Fuck, that was my favorite website for watching anime. I even spent couple of hours on dedicated ublock setup to disable ads...

| I watched future diary on it and nothing else. Good service.

| >>690813 this

| >>690813 good luck downloading anime episode to your phone only to watch it for 20 minutes and then delete.

| Kissanime is dead, but won't be forgotten.


| Only goys and niggers on food stamps uses KissAnime

| >>691113 projection

| you should try here:


for Kissanime alternative

| >>691709 it has sub, dub, cartoon, movies and most of the anime are there.

| I ain't even gonna mention my favorite anime streaming site. Been running for at least 10 years now though

| >>ca302b mention it

| Everyone is complaining about viruses and ads, but I'm using Firefox 52 on windows XP with Ublock origin and 2gb of ram. No viruses yet and I can play 16 bit games ????

| >>692124
Or you can just use Linux

| >>692124
Windows XP? That shit is metasploitable af

| Gogoanime is a good alternative for Kiss though.
Btw, people who said they don't use Kissanime once in their lifetime of anime either they are lying or they are goddamn rich people who subscribe to paid streaming services ever since they were a kid. Can't ignore the big role they have in introducing anime to people.

| >>690443
>you can't deny its role in digital preservation
"preservation" in 480p and riddled with watermarks, what a joke. public anime trackers are good enough that you don't need to put up with that. plus you don't get letters because no one involved in that gives enough of a shit about anime to send them, you have no excuse

| >>693330
Why tf am i laughing so hard, why you have to go for his neck like that


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