Re zero season 2

| let's discuss? Also anyone else feel like episode 4 was just a a way for them to take a break with not needing to draw things very detailed

| I just started season 1. Sorry. I usually avoid isekai like they'll give me a disease.
This one apparently isn't trash, so I'm only now giving it a chance.sorry.

| >>684490 I recommend "Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash" if you are just starting out with isekai. It's not very fast paced or flashy but it's very good.

If you are one to get emotional watching anime then you'll possibly even cry while watching it.

| >>684490
The reason to watch is the Pearlbatons

| Idk, it was pretty well paced and the whole scene has blurry backgrounds to emphasise the fact that it is a flashback, at least it is in my opinion. If it's a choice, I'd say pretty good decision and if it's an excuse to cut budget then it is a very clever one indeed.

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