Solo Leveling - Manhwa vs Novel

| i've been reading the manhwa adaptation for a while and while we're all still waiting for 2 season to drop i became curious about the OG thing
are there any huge plot reasons to repeat what you saw already but in the text form? any good additional pieces of characterisation or juicy story bits?
spoilers are fine

| Quit while ahead

The novel turns to crap

MC becomes all powerful and is a literal world saving Messiah

Then he conquers the dungeon's world and rewinds time to before when the dungeon's appear

And he now leads a simple unassuming life that's the bloody story

| The manhwa is a lot more engaging and visually enticing

I recommend you stick to the manhwa

| >>684440 OP main characters are the norm in this genre lol
time travel is a plot twist i did not foresee in the slightest, now i'm invested and want to know how the fuck
the ending itself makes sense, he became strong to a) get enough money to cure his mom and support his sister and b) to prove himself and gain independence of sorts, and he kinda have done both already
i wonder how are things with his dad but that's for us manhwa readers to find out i guess

| >>684441 yeah, that's why i asked more for the novel-only details, if there are any
usually i'm fine with switching to text formats but after 20 or so chapters of basically the same stuff word for word...

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