Popularity of Anime in the West

| Just how popular do you think anime would be in the West if Toonami wasn't a thing?

For me and a bunch of other people I know, Toonami played a big role in getting us into anime.

| West isn't only north america

| >>682649

| Guess anime isn't as popular in other Western countries as it is in the US, but the large portion of US fans played a role in forming weebs in other countries yeah?

| I want to know the weeb ratio of France and compare it to USA's

| Don't even know what toonami is, but my first experience of anime was from animax

| >>682673 Yo, I still remember waking up in midnight just to watch inuyasha. Good times

| For me and a bunch of other people, gg, commie, and horrible played a big role in getting us into anime

| Also.. GlobalTV (local tv channel)

| As a young g/a/l, I woke up early and stayed up late to watch japanimation, so Toonami was great because it meant I could get some sleep.

| Often I open Twitter to just see a bunch of cringetard "weeb" puritans complaining about anime, treating it as if it should conform to their Western beliefs.

>Uzaki-chan bad bc breasts
>HeroAca bad bc body types
>Goblin Slayer bad bc ep1 has rape
>Ishokoku Reviewers bad bc porn

Ofc this doesnt mean every anime fan in the West is like this, but this is just a good indication of how widespread anime actually is if the Twitter Council tries to "cancel" anything about it daily.

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k. well write about it on your blog instead of over here

| >>ef03b7
Another sub-90 IQ individual trying to force his politial believes down our troaths.

If you want to complain about twitter users or american politics then do that elsewhere. Not in anime threads.

| France is full of weebs iirc. Plenty of French animation borrows particular elements from anime.

| >>682901 aint his fault he goes on twitter lmao

| >>682815 I'd argue they aren't fans most people who complain about that sort of thing don't like the medium anyway

| When I was younger I saw a few episodes on toonami but it never sparked my interest at the time

My interest seems sort of reversed, a speedrunner I watched on twitch played project diva, at first I was just impressed by the difficulty, then I was listening to the songs on YouTube, then started playing that and other anime games and finally in about 2017 started actually watching stuff

| "Konichiwa Sempai please notice me, i collect katanas and swords, I'm a weabo"...

| https://youtu.be/4M8fptrEH0U the link>>683341

| I get where >>682815 is coming from. even though majority of the SJWs trying to fuck with anime arent going to be consuming the media it still is a fair sorta way of assessment on how popular anime has become as a whole.

| >>682742
Yeah, my first exposure to anime was definitely the afternoon TV programme which played Doraemon, Pokemon, Beyblade and Bakugan, just to name a few off the top of my head.

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