Spoiler land mine thread

| Please spoil as many anime as you can. (:

| Idiot

| They sell lots of guns in Jormungand

| In Dragon Maid, the dragon becomes a maid.

| Neon Genesis Evangelion

| People die when they are killed

| If you don't want to die, live.

| The main character of Bleach when he bleaches his clothes idk never watched the anime

| You g/u/rl suck at spoiling here try a real one.
Yagami light is kira in deathnote.

| JoJo goes on a bizzare adventure or something, haven't read part 7

| Bakugo dies in my hero academia

| Little witch Academia is not about witches but yurisex

| Slaine Troyard is a good shot.

| Bakugo was gay all along>>682606

| Kamina dies.

| Subaru dies in re:zero

| Anime was a mistake

| Yu hi oh is about a reincarnated Pharaoh trying to build a harem and 21st century Japan

| >>682894 while playing a children's card game.

| >>682902 and unfortunately NOT on a motorcycle

| In boku no pico, some characters are actually traps

| The God of Highschool have no relation whatsoever with highschool. Just a couple of unbalanced gods having at each other.

| Door-kun becomes a door

| At the end of anime "Steins;Gate" Gates are destroyed, ans Stein died by cancer.

| >>683684 oof I hated that scene, so tragic

| Deku has like 7 quirks.

| Shinji get inside the robot

| In absolute duo, they search for the absolute duo.

| In mobile suit Gundam people die

| People die when they are killed

| the girls in revue starlight sing and dance

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