About protagonists turning "evil".

| As the title says I'm looking for the kind of story that goes downwards for the main character, like

[Spoilers, I guess]

How Phos in Houseki no Kuni, or Eren Jaeger in Attack in Titan start with hopes just to be broken and change their ideals and goals.

(not Death Note or Code Geass, already seen them and aren't exactly my cup of tea)

| Oh shit this actually makes me wanna watch AoT :o

| Guilty Crown
Not gonna spoil anything but that's probably what you're looking for.

| Black Lagoon

| >>682247
How exactly does black lagoon qualify here? Most of the cast are bastards right from the beginning, and Rock doesn't change that much through the show.

| I could suggest Gundam Seed Destiny and PMMM with the third movie.

| >>682224 Guilty Crown is SHIIITTT. Great animation, great music, potentially great story, but progress is so painfully slow. GIVE ME BACK THE HYPE I GAVE YOU ON EPISODE 1!

| >>682251
That's like, your opinion dood

| I refer to it as a character going "edgy". It happens like 5 times in Tokyo Ghoul. From what I've heard the manga is a lot better than the anime.

| .hack//Roots

| >>682353 the first season is good. The rest is straight up bullcrap

| If you're ok with visual novels and are very very ok with dark, very disturbing topics, Song of Saya is exactly what you're looking for

| kichikuou rance >vn and strat game

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