What do you g/u/rls think about the new anime "The God of High School"

| Let's keep /a/ Alive

| the korean comics its based on are pretty meh in terms of writing, story, and character development (which is about average) but its a kind of stupid fun that passes the time if you don't go in looking for greatness. Think like, 1990's shonen or dragonball z except its tournament arc 90% of the time and has even more inconsistent power systems which trip over themselves constantly.

All in all, its ok.

| Enjoying it, the fight scenes are fun to watch and I respect crunchy roll bringing these manhwa to animation. I really enjoyed TOG.

Also I see you're hard at work trying to revive /a/

| Idk, I only watch real underground stuff like dragon ball and SAO. Why dont you post when you get into some more adult anime, OP?

| >>682410 SAO is adult anime? Smh.

Back to the topic, the anime is fun, action is flashy, and don't make me start with the ost. It's freaking fire. Right now, it's 5/10 for me

| 4/10 for me

I dont find it interesting at all. Like >>681998 pointed out, writing is "meh" and that's what I usually look forward to when going into any series

| >>682721 sorry, I was trolling because I'm a lose ]:

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