You can watch anime in youtube uncut and full screen video...

| Just search Muse Asia and you can watch different kinds of anime but not all anime is there, subtitle and HD Videos... I think what they upload there is legal because they have license.

| Muse Asia is most definitely legal. I think they take off series after a certain time. It's pretty neat because you're helping out the anime, too. (correct me if im wrong on that front)

| Most likely because the videos you mention are not blocked >in your country.

They most likely are blocked in Japan or in other countries where some company holds rights on these shows.

The ones I've tried are blocked in my country at least.

Thanks for the tip, though. It might help someone

| Pretty sure Muse Asia is Southeast Asian only (sorry folks everywhere else). Some anime are also only uploaded for a limited time (about a year I think) since their license can expire.

Great place though, solid uploads, solid subtitles.

| >>682398 get a VPN like mulvad my dude

| It's a very wholesome channel and I frequent there once in a while. There's also live streaming with live chats which is super comfy.

| There's also Ani-One, also a YouTube channel that licenses/streams anime

| >>683387 Thanka for the info but some of the videos there is not English translated, some in English caption, but it's good to know.

| >>683458 subs> dubs

Jk watch what you like it's just more common to find subs than dubs because a dub is a lot more expensive

| >>6619bb No problem, man. If this threads still up and somehow I find one with wider dubbed library I'll get back to you

| eh don't bother watching anime legally.

| >>684425 hey man, im a pirate myself. But gotta support somehow i guess (fuck crunchyroll tho)

| Just a small PSA: if you're going to pirate actually pirate the show don't use those pirate streaming sites, not only is it still piracy, in worse quality, you're letting the pirates earn money off of someone else's work through ad revenue

| >>684543
Watching streamed content is still legal in many parts of the world though. Also use an adblocker.

| >>684544
Oh we should make a thread about that... why it's supposedly legal

| >>684544 maybe I'm wrong but streaming is still downloading pirated content even if it's not saved, so unless the laws are written to be very specific that would still be illegal afaik

| >>683458 what i mean here is not all Videos in Ani-one are English caption, not yet.

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