Asuka vs Rei

| Asuka is obviously superior in my opinion, considering the fact that she actually has a personality, is an interesting character and looks better, but give me your opinions on this age old question.

| Waifu wars, cool

| Both suck btw, trash tier waifus

| A hole is a hole

| >>681286 your waifu is also trash mwehehehehe

| Rei is lame. Misato vs Asuka is the real waifu wars

| >>681309
Misato is trash, what do you mean?

| >>681311 *gasp*

| who cares everyone is suffering in NGE. it's like watching a building burn with two cute girls in it and asking which one you want to marry before they both burn to death

| This kid died from using illegal drugs, and this kid died from using prescription drugs. Who is more dead?

| Asuka is a personal fave, though I do see the argument for Rei, it really just depends what your "type" is

| asuka

| Asuka is s bitch.
Rei is a doll.
Misato is a miserable alcoholic.
The only sane choice is Shinji, obviously.

| The best girl is clearly kaworu

| I can't believe no one votes for EVA-3

| Asuka has that attitude where she's a bitch in the sheets and a stitch in the sheets

| I want Asuka to yell at me and step on me

| >>681565
I want to calm her down and make her open up about her problems and build a strong friendship with her built on trust and self-help.

| I just realised what I said. I'm fucking disgusting. Wtf.

| >>fa3298 it's ok g/u/rlfriend. We can hell you through your degeneracy.

| watermelon

| Absolutely Asuka.

| Ramiel.

| 25 fucking years

| Asuka is a suckah. Rei all the wei.

| >>682110
There are people who have fought this war for 25 years and taught their children to fight it as well.

| >>682110 and still ages well. NGE is the shit and none can top it

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