| Good god what has my life come to ever since I've discovered them. What do I do now?

| Thank you for the finger

| Stop

| oh no

| rip

| Post recs op

| >>680770 There are many, but for now here are some of the more notorious ones.

Usada Pekora: youtu.be/RQWo7MZJSsE

Kiryu Coco: youtu.be/MboBn2BdS_U

Akai Haato: youtu.be/izXZRgsPWck

Tsukino Mito: youtu.be/mglo11vDydw

Fumino Tamaki: youtu.be/vqOY37ztns4

Kagura Mea: youtu.be/rg05ciZotqY

| Korone>all

| yubi yubi

| Projekt Melody> Korone>all

| Matsuri > Projekt Melody> Korone>all

| No mention Kizuna AI? Really?

| >>681217
kizuna ai hasn't been relevant since like 2018. seems like a dead channel tbh

| >>681217

Kizuna AI died when the company made copies of her and got rid of the original voice actress. Turns out the fans cared more about the voice and person behind the screen than the character model.

| >>681401 woah that actually sounds interesting. I've followed her when she had a bunch of ads on Facebook, but dropped her after 3 or so months.

Mind if you elaborate or put up a link that does elaborate on this?

| >>681418
Basically, there are multiple "versions" of Kizuna AI. Characters almost. They have different VAs and make kind of different content, and, well, the original VA and person behind Kizuna AI has been used, like, less and less.

Who knew that going full corporate and removing the original VA and personality would be a bad idea on a creator focused platform like YouTube.

| >>681429 companies growing out of touch with its conssumers, notheing new, but always sad to see

| >>680895
> Fumino Tamaki
so, what is wrong with her jaw ??

| enjoy it bro

| >>681841 Happened a couple of times in other streams too. Idk why. Probably sucked too much dick and it caused permanent damage to the joints of her clavicle.

| Ironmouse.

| >>682360
best theory so far tbh

| >>682360
Well, I know about a kid nearby who that happens to a lot because of a medical condition. At least I hope that's why.

| >>680895 you forgot the ironing board Rushia

| Before this thread I know nothing about vtuber

After this thread I'm familiar with 3 generations of hololive and started simping at 1 vtuber waifu

This is a big kusa moment

| >>682725 Like I said, there are many. There's meme queen Shirakami Fubuki, elite gamer Sakura Miko, yakuza dog Inugami Korone, totally pure Natsuiro Matsuri, totally 17 Houshou Marine, powerpoint angel Amane Kanata, newborn princess Himemori Luna, tetris god Hoshimachi Suisei, clumsy devil Tokoyami Towa, 'K'night cup Shirogane Noel, plus others whose last names I don't remember or don't watch as much. And this is just Hololive. There's Holostars, Nijisanji, and many other agencies.

| There's also the international branches, like the Indonesia branches of Hololive and Nijisanji, and various other independent vtubers like Kagura Mea, Inugami Tamaki, Shigure Ui, Kureha Kurono and Azuma Lim.
But these are all girls! We need some gender equality. There's corporate cog Yashiri Kizuku, chill caveman Belmond Banderas, chad elf Hanabatake Chaika, motherly president Kagami Hayato, dummy hero Ex Albio, not depressed Mayuzumi Kai and genderbending lolicon Kenmochi Touya.

| I could go on, but that would be very overwhelming, wouldn't it? Eventually, you all shall fall in the same hole I did anyway.

| Actually, let me go on a bit more. There's big face Shiina Yuika, introverted witch Ars Almal, lewd teacher Gundou Mirei, NTR enthusiast Ange Katrina, angry panda Sasaki Saku, has hemorrhoids Makaino Ririmu, opera hamster Machita Chima, reverse cinderella Otogibara Era, british gyaru Hoshikawa Sara, ₤LĐRÏT¢H GØĐ Suzuhara Lulu, lesbian nurse Sukoya Kana, and ~*~vitamin water~*~ Inui Toko.
"But these are all Japanese! What about the international ones you mentioned?"
Fingers' tired.

| Wow thats a lot of vtubers

| >>682740 welcome to the hell hole, comrade! You won't be escaping soon

| There's Hana Macchia. Can speak in English, Japanese, AND Indonesian.

| There's also Noin, based in the Philippines who speaks English, Japanese, and Filipino.

| >>682843 thank you brother. I just went from never caring about streamers at all to becoming a channel member. the temptation is too strong

| Civia is the best girl. Fight me.

| We all know Nekomasu was the only good VTuber

| An independent (not affiliated with big companies like Hololive or 2434) VTuber worth mentioning is definitely Kureha Kurono. Speaks 4 languages so you can communicate with her pretty easily on streams. Her streams are pretty wholesome imo.

| Hololive just got copystruck or something by a bunch of big companies like Sony and Konami, apparently. Most of their vtubers archived and privated rn oof

| >>684336 Absotely fake and gay. With exception to Kaoru's recent departure, no one privatized their channel and there's no legal case being made against thrm. The fuck did you get your info from?

| >>684308 Would like to add that Uehasu is also worth supporting because she has an adorably wholesome personality and tries her best to interact with the foreign viewers as much as she can. Even pops in to her English discord fan server from time to time to talk with them. I only check her out occasionally, but she's grown a bit of a cult following.

| >>684351
Bruh. 99% game streams, collabs, and even introduction streams (wut) are being either privated or deleted. I haven't even watched all of asacoco yet (wut?? who would copystrike asacoco). This is the end of an era. Very sad times.

| So this is pretty much Idol Culture + Youtube content?

Which is basically drama + drama, a ticking time bomb

| >>684351 I probably should've made it clear that it was a majority of Hololiver's streams/vids and not the channels themselves that were privated/struck.

Also c'mon, I know I'm gay no need to say it out loud.

>The FuCk DiD You GeT YoUr InfO fRoM?

From A-chah herself, douchetips. https://twitter.com/achan_UGA/status/1288747882930040832?s=19

| >>681429

Bro she didn't get kicked out of upd8, she left voicing kizuna ai and still works a more managerial position over the kizuna ai character for upd8

| >>684439
I never said she got kicked out. I said they removed her from the channel, which they did. She obviously still works for them.

| >>684409
> So this is pretty much Idol Culture

| >>684411 Ok, checked again and you were right. Cover even released an official apology. Old vids are being privated. This is really bizarre.
Sorry I doubted you, I'm beginning to be really on edge on who the trolls are on this site.

| >>684475 It's alright g/u/rl, no hard feelings.

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