Non-trash harem anime

| Ya g/u/rls know any?

| If we count Toradors as a harem anime.

| Oregairu ? Does it qualify as harem ???

| pfffff
Non-trash harem? Are you kidding?

| Monster Musume
Don't @ me

| High school dxd

| Does interspecies reviewers count?

| > non-trash
> harem
Choose one.

| Bakemonogatari and the rest of the series is pretty good

| >>674003

| "Reincarnated as a villainess: all routes lead to doom" is funny and has a bi harem as well as focusing on the relationships rather than the ecchi
"Ouran High School Host Club" is a classic for a reason and also avoids being too sleazy
What do you like about the harem concept and dislike about the typical executions of it? What kind of genres are you interested in?

| Like- cute girls and romantic shenanigans
Dislike- overly exaggerated fan service and bad story
Genre-I do love me some good romcoms. Action would be a plus

| Just avoid Kanojo Okarishimasu when it releases its anime, I beg of you

| Konosuba, easily

| Haganai

| >>674012 some people would deny that bakemonogatari is a harem to defend it. that says a lot about the harem genre.

| Golden Boys i guess.
Well i haven't watched all the anime but the feedback is good.

| >>675231 *Golden Boy

| Golden Boy is top tier

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