Characters that are more powerfull than they seem

| Give us any character in fiction that you think people dont realise their real strengh and why do you think that
Also plz dont dabate here, if you think someone is wrong make another thread

| Btm may personal choices are:
Hyoudo issei from high school dxd, the dude gets power up by boobs but he has some incredible multivelsal+ feats, people seem to not remember he can kill god if he was alive in the dxd multiverse, he can also use thor's hammer

| Kirby the little puffball is an eldrich entity of positive energy, has killed many gods and godlike beings, has traveled galaxies in seconds and caused mass murderer on many planets without even trying, he has infine energy in his body and is immortal, his "life" bar in game is just his patience if he games over just means he got bored and needs a brake, he is so powerfull its funny

| >>672443 source on the lifebar please. I can't even tell if you're memeing rn or not.

| >>672486
I'm not the guy you're talking to but can't you just Google that yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you?

It's not like Kirby lore is a difficult topic to dig up.

| >>672440
Unironically One Punch Man. Us readers definitely know how powerful he is but no one in-universe seems to be aware of it until after they pick a fight with him.

| Every anime mc? Not throwing shade or anything, but isn't it a pretty common trope for like everyone to underestimate the mc at the start and then it's like "oh shit, he strongk"

| >>672503 with saitama is different, Dr genus straigh up said saitama broke his limmiter, but since most people are salty that a caped baldy has indefinitve physical status they say that saitama is only planet buster, when in reallity the whole show he never showed a strengh limit, also people find whatever bullshit to nerf him cuz golly gee a character that can beat goku without hax cant exist

| Damn im.honestly out here rooting for my boy mumen rider because honestly he's only average but his heart be OP

| Arale Norimaki

| >>672553 who is he and where he is from? I'm curious

| Ayu.

| >>672496 I did look it up. Found a whole article about every lifebar in every Kirby game. Nothing in there about patience. Was wondering if there was a specific quote in a Tweet or interview or something that wouldn't show up in search results for a few dozen pages.

| Misogi Kumagawa from Medaka Box. Dude's power is literal removal of anything from existence from conceptual things like his aura to, as he claims in his introduction, the entire universe. Despite this, he's considered to be the 'loser' of the story, and his entire character development is him accepting that he'll never be able to 'win', at least not the way he wants to.

| >>672901 well everyone from medaka box is OP, his only hax is erasing stuff and a lot of strong characters have a "anti ereasing"hax with then but yeah dude's pretty powerfull

| >>672585
Tha charlotte one ?

| >>672997
The Kanon one.

| >>672941 I don't remember anyone having any kind of hax against that. There was the Skill Eater girl who can modify and delete skills, but she's not immune. There's also that demon guy in the near to last arc who can deflect who's apparently invulnerable, but only because they're physical attacks. Actually, I don't remember Kumagawa using his skill to directly remove anyone from existence. He only kills people with his massive screws then removes their deaths to kill them again.

| Probably Sans. He's definitely hiding something. Also Meme Oshino. I know they kinda of show or at least talk about how powerful he actually is, but I feel like he's even more powerful than that. At least from where I am in the series.

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