Ecchi Debate Thread

| Wanted to argue about ecchi but didn't want to clog up the other g/u/rl's thread. Now presenting: the ecchi Debate thread!

| We left off with >do you need to see the puspus otherwise you can't ejaculate?
It's not that I can't coom to anything other than pussy. But why would I when it's freely available in all flavours of kinks? If it's clothes you like, there's clothed sex.

| If so many people are cooming to ecchi, shouldn't we just label it as another brand of hentai at that point? Sure there's nothing explicitly lewd, but the undertones are certainly there. Abundantly.

| No, we live in a world where peopla masturbate to armpits and feet, you shouldnt just throw ecchi on the hentai category just cuz people can fap to it

| Yea someone fapping to ecchi doesn't save it from being a half-assed genre that tries it's damn hardest to appeal to boys who are 14 at most. They are not funny or written well either and hentai can be funny at the very least (For example you can watch Sextra Credits (DUBBED) and its pretty funny.)
Look I understand if you wanna watch High School DxD or whatever but don't tell me it is worth a shit.

| Lmao who gives a shit just fap to whatever you want to fap to,wanna fap to tits go ahead wanna fap to pussy go ahead

| >>672127 assuming all ecchi anime is bad is stupid, and high school dxd is funny, has good animations, and many cool side characters

| The people who say all ecchi are bad are the same fags who say isekai cant be good, or that every shounen is dumb and for kids only, while they watch their "profound" edgy anime wich needless amound of blood and gore with poorly wrinten characters and average to good story and animation

| You cant say that an intire genre is bad just cuz there is a lot of bad anime in it, its not the fans fault that you never found a good show

| >>672226
Alright g/u/rl I must say I like your points. I watched a couple of ecchi anime myself and High School DxD was probably the best made one as far as production goes. Tho it was still bad imo. Now allow me to ask you one thing: What makes ecchi a good genre?

| >>672242 it depends,ecchi is one of those genres that go better with something else like action, fantasy, comedy etc these genres have their tropes and archtypes,ecchi is good when you want some more spicy stuff but not real sexual content, the problem is not the ecchi in itself but the overreliance of ecchi by the authors, btw it sounds like dxd isnt your thing, because dxd is objectively good

| Just cuz people dont know how use something efficiently doesnt mean its bad, ecchi is also good with comedy(ishuzoku reviewers)but sexual humor is not for everyone, and there is also the fact that sex is taboo so ecchi sometimes gets hate for nothing since there is a lot of puritans out there

| >>672280
Now that I think about it maybe I don't look at ecchi the right way. It feels like every single ecchi anime tries to be comedy and I am not too much into it so ecchi always felt bland (because there was nothing apart from comedy and I don't like it).
Is there an ecchi anime without comedy? (BTW I've seen School Girls I don't know if its proper ecchi but that was hot garbage.)

| >>672289 high school of the dead is the only that comes to mind, but there must be more, I usually dont look for ecchi without comedy

| >>672297 Alright I will check it out. Thanks for the civil debate g/u/rl have a good day.

| >non-comedy ecchi
I guess you could say Keijo!!!!!!!!!!! was a sports anime. It doesn't have anime comedy tropes, it has sports/action tropes. It's still hilarious.

| >>672495 ha thats actually true

| ecchi is good because..... of taste. I like looking at panties more than genitals. I mean, genitals are kinda gross tbh, meanwhile panties are cute. I also like teasing so nopan, no-bra (without showing), etc are great genres for me, as well as "conventional censorship" (nipple censored by hair, etc). In other words, ecchi is good because sometimes less is more.

| I know that nowadays ecchi are becoming looser with authors getting the ability to show tits (qwaser, ishizoku reviewers, etc). I think those are the small brain shows that might as well be hentai. the OG ecchi has always been about the panchira, nopan, bikini, and the other classy stuff.

| >>672122 no, I don't need to see puspus or dicc to ejaculate, I think if you get used to hentai/JAV, you are already used to cum without seeing genitals anyways because they are censored most of the time.

I read a few ecchi manga, and most of them is purely because of the character design. To love ru, for example, I don't like the protagonist, don't like the overused accidental groping, don't like how the story never progress; but damn, the character design looks so good.

| I can see more explicit stuff on hentai doujins, but most of them have oversized breasts or super slut girls/girls turning into slut. Which is a turn off for me. They are also not as well drawn sometimes.

Tl;dr: some ecchi has god tier character design and that's enough for me.

| meh. it just hinders the plot

| >>673389 if the ecchi is hindering the plot, the problem is on the author not the ecchi

| >>673389
wait what kind of PLOT you talking about ?
it's always all about that PLOT

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