What is the worst genre of anime?

| In your opinion, what is the worst genre of anime. Explain why.

This is an opinion thread. Don't take offence from the replies, please.

| I take offence to that op.

| Ecchi. Why blue ball yourself? Why not just watch actual porn? Writing isn't even good in ecchi anime I really don't get the point and I hate it.

| >>672090 bold of you to assume I don't cum to ecchi. do you need to see the puspus otherwise you can't ejaculate? how weak can you be?

| >>672090 >>672094 O want to argue about this with you g/u/rls, but didn't want to destroy this thread. New thread made.

| """harem""" but the protagonist is too LIMP DICKED TO DO ANYTHING
that's why i liked Growth cheat: the girls are his slaves - and they actually fuck!

| >>672144
Yeaa seems like something a STRONG G/U/RL would watch. Imma start watching Growth Cheat now

| Isekai. How come no one mentioned isekai yet?

| >>672216
are you talking shit about Growth cheat and Konosuba?

| No genre is bad, its just that some are over used and are flooded with unoriginal authors who either are bad or just want a quick buck

| reverse harem. something worse that harem

| >>672082
Cheap knockoff pretending to be the original is the worst genre.

| >>672773 yes you are totally right, this is the genre that needs to stop, it ruined isekai, ecchi, romantic comedy and harem

| >>672356 also has a point

| How is cheap knockoff an anime genre? Is bad animation a genre too?

| >>672804 somebody didnt get the joke and missed the whole point and I wonder who is that

| >>672816
>I-it was a joke all along!

| >>672821 yes calling cheap knock off a gnere was the joke if you didnt notice

| >>672823


| >>a77d18 who hurt you today man? Are you okay? Wanna talk?

| It's a joke. Yikes.

| Well for me it was Harem, could potentially ruin a story. Especially the cheap one, when MC did slightly something nice and girl character already fallen for him

| I think ecchi clothes girls can be more appealing than most hentais I've seen.

| ecchi for me. I don't care about the ecchi, i just watch for whatever the plot is and maybe the characters. if i wanted to see anime panties i would just watch hentai

| Yuri and Yaoi. Not because I hate the gays, mind you, but usually it's because one is usually so crammed in with fluff that it just hurts while the other I can smell from the scanlated pages the sweat and unwashed body odor of the fujos who thinks making every dingle little interaction a drawn out sexual one to be a good idea. If they're tagged with Shoujo Ai or Shounen Ai, heck even Bara, I don't tend to mind as much.

| >>673399 both yaoi and yuri "come" in different flavors, g/u/rl lol I've seen some really hardcore yuri before and then there's yuri that's pretty much all fluff save for a scene or two. Same with yaoi. Though the genre's name implies that the characters are going to have sex at some point so if sex scenes are not your thing stick with shoujo/shounen ai

| Also I love how most of the answers are ecchi lolol
Like the story of ecchi can be so silly at times but we all know we're only here for the plot XD it's like dipping your toes in before the big jump into hentai basically

| >>673631 There are always exceptions just like there are good isekai. Doesn't take away from the fact the majority are still low quality.

| I prefer some ecchi that actually moves forward relationships instead of shows that seem to stall at some point.

| Ecchi hurts my brain

| Probably drama. There's no real reason why I don't like it, I just.... don't like it.

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