Yesterday Wo Utatte

| Do any of you watch it? Didn't expect it to be so good can't wait for the finale this weekened.

| I startes watching it at when it started, watched till episode 6 I think, got impatient waiting a whole week for a new episode so then just read the whole manga in less than a week. So yeah, it's pretty good

| Enjoying it. Kinda stressing about what's gonna happen in the finale

| Ending was beautiful

| Ah I still couldn't watch it I am gonna do it today. Then we can talk.

| Okay I now watched it and man was it fun. I am happy that ShinokoXRikuo didn't happen I was really not fond of her. Haru is alright tho. Anyway do any of you know anime like this. I don't like high scholl romantic dramas so this was really cool to watch.

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