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| Rewatched it and god damn it's so beautiful.
Still breaks my heart that Redline didn't do very well.

Sure, the plot isn't that great and the pacing is eh, but the characters are interesting and the music is good and the art is the best.

Redline heavily influences my coloring too which is why is why I probably love it more than I should. For me, Koike, Miura, and Araki are the holy trinity when it comes to art. I kinda mix their styles together and try adding my own flair.

| If you love Redline, give Motorcity a try. It's a cartion series, but has about as much in terms of effort put into the animation.

| Yeah I rewatched Redline a few months ago. It's still amazing. Really worth your time if you're stumbling across this with no context as to what it is.

| >>670004
Maybe I should watch it then. All I know about it is it's about cars.

| Redline is like one of my favorite anime films of all time. shit is so good

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This thread is permanently archived