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Killing Stalking "anime adaptation"

| So, what's up with that shit? I don't know a lot about this topic, but apparently a completely new one man studio is going to be adapting this gruesome, very sexual and extremely dark series with a pretty insane fanbase into an "anime".

So if my understanding of this situation is correct, this is gonna be a fucking hilarious shit show.

| The teased anime is not an official series announcement. The clip was overseen by chAosOPUS, a horror-centric indie studio. Twitter user @onlyoneking_12 uploaded the clip, which was then taken out of context

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Yeah, I know it's not an official thing, but I'm pretty sure he making something, yeah?

| Miss me with that gay Stockholm syndrome shit

| i just hope this godforsaken manhwa never gets turned into an anime. i personally know so many girls who lust after this extremely insane abuser in the mahnwa and some even want to be the abused one . fangirls crazy. im honestly not comfortable with this yaoi mahnwa getting a bigger crazy fanbase than it already has because of crazy fangirls on tiktok shilling this mahnwa and their vids getting 100k likes. pls no more, gurls. this mahnwa is honestly sickening.

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The reason I want an anime is because it would be extremely trash, and all the fangirls would get so fucking mad.

| >668291 they'd still find a way to enjoy it somehow, no matter how shitty it is. fangirls are terrifying when it comes to gay shipping.

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Well, wouldn't that just be a win/win then? They get to enjoy their guro yaoi, and we get to laugh at a really bad anime?

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