Give me good isekai

| Isekai fan here, gimme some recomendations, good ones though

| Hardcore leveling hero

| I liked Saga Of Tanya the Evil

| Fresh prince of bel air

| And Cory in the house

| Genuine suggestion: Life on Mars (UK). One of the best shows about a man out of his world ever produced.. even if it's not an anime

| Log Horizon

| > good
> isekai
Choose one.

| >>668516
Are you trying to tell that an anime with a nazi loli is bad?

| >>668519
Are you trying to say that nazism is good? Also what the actual fuck, apple swiping autocorrects nazism to Marxism. I hate apple.

| >>668529 saga of tanya the evil is pretty gud, dont be that guy

| Sao, Hitler loli,

| >>668486
Yeah, it's just that one, pretty much.
Also Konosuba for some pretty good satire of the isekai genre.

| >>668529 Do you know that liking an anime with a nazi loli and saying that Nazism is good are two pretty different things?

| >>668602 Haha, nazi goes brrrr

| >>668794 Low quality bait.

Farming Life in Another World is breddy gud.

| Aura Battler Dunbine!

| re:zero

| I'm not into isekai, but I really liked Scaflowne

| I'm not a big isekai fan but in addition to Tanya:

Dungeon Defense is sugoi if you like Machiavellian nerds and cute girls and Machiavellian cute nerd girls.

I enjoyed the Overlord LNs a fair deal last I read them.

Release That Witch starts very strong and spirals into weirdiocrity, but deep enough into the series not to ruin it.

Mushoku Tensei is good and actually finished. The only harem I don't think is gross, because characters are >1D. Dips into cliches occasionally.

| Escaflowne

| SAO :^]

| Sao abridged

| Seconding the Overlord VN recommendations

| >>670064

| Worth the Candle is really good, the premise is a guy gets dropped into a world that's a combination of all the RPGs he ran. Trouble is, he was in a bad headspace following the death of a friend so some of them were really grimdark and now he's got to survive them himself.

| BOFURI is pleasant.
Reincarnated as a Slime is God tier.
Shield Hero is also God Tier.

| >>671085
second shield hero

| >>671085
Both Bofuri and Slime Isekai are only good and wholesome for the first couple of episodes. Afterwards it's just a boring power trip

| So I'm a Spider,So What is pretty interesting in the sense of how the protagonist keeps on utilising their skills in creative ways to survive

| willy the fresh prince of bel air or cory in the house

| >shield hero is God Tier

Yeah, no. That's a fucking halo reach right there. It was a good twist at the start with the whole "ive been framed" thing, but after introducing that, it became a generic adventure story.

| >>672218
In the name of fuck, what is a "Halo Reach" ?

| Its a play on the phrase "that's a reach" meaning an outlandish thing to say/illogical shit

And Halo Reach is a game

So there u go

| >>671559 i also agree to this

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