the monogatari series is so damn good

| It's crazy, this anime made me accept incest while i was totally disgusted by it before.
10/10 would watch again.

| For real. Currently reading through the books, haven't watched a lot of the anime, but holy fuck it's good. My favourite series out of any media by far. I already accepted incest, but after the first 8 books my sister looking kinda different.
10/10, I'm going to jail.

| Truer words have never been posted, amen brothers.

| Are the novels worth? What I like from Monogatari is the way the story was told in the anime, but just reading it doesn't sound very exciting.

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The anime is actually a VERY good adaptation of the books, but I personally prefer the light novels. Either of them are OK and the first season of the anime is a literal gem.

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The books are a lot better in my opinion actually. I enjoy the anime, but the books are so, so much better in my opinion. The story is a lot better in the books. Like, if you enjoyed the story telling in the anime, the books are that but just a lot better.

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