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| So I haven't watched anime in quite a while. Mostly because my life has been pretty wack and just been depressed and lost that desire for things that I used to enjoy but,I have been coming out of it and curious as to any recommendations? Haven't really payed attention to anything anime related since 2017. Any good recommendations?

| Well OP what types of anime did you use watch?

| Mob Psycho 100 is a must.

Other than that, what sort of anime do you like?

| I remember miss kobayashi's dragon maid,konosuba,and zombie land saga,and cells at work. Last ones I remember.

| Really enjoyed cells at work and miss Kobayashi's dragon maid alot.

| gleipnir

| If you have Netflix I recommend you Monthly girl's Nozaki-kun!!

| >>657095 >>657224 thanks for the recommendations I guess I will start watching them!

| >>657224
eeeeeeh it's not available in my country ;_;

| not op btw

| If you end up liking Nozaki-kun, check out Kaguya-sama wa Kokusasetai and D-Frag

| >>657595 what website u watch it?. I reccomend kissanine.ru

| >>657930 kissanime.ru has too many ads/ links. I recommend 4anime.to,it has no invisible ads in the way ans it has a very nice layout.

| >>657930 not to mention, you son't have to watch an ad before you can play the anime.

| I use the dissenter browser, which blocks all ads. Normally ad blocking on kiss would get you banned, but for some reason, with the dissenter browser, it doesn't.

| Interspecies reviewers

| >>657930 >>658521
I recommend torrents.

| >>3163ff
Agreed, nyaa.si is a must

| >>659312

| >>659312 any others you suggest? And do I just download the anime and watch it later or is it more an illegal streaming service?

| Dorohedoro is a good one.

| >>662879 torrent (which is kinda like downloading, but you do it with a program rather than a browser - I'd recommend Deluge), and watch later.

| If you need a quick torrenting how to, let me know.

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