What do you gurls think about Robotech?

| I watched the first season a couple of years ago on Netflix and I completely love it, the mecha fights, the drama, the history, the characters, the songs, everything.
I'm thinking on watching now the
first season of SDF Macross to see what differences does it have with the Amarican adaptation ( ´ ▽ ` )

| Macross is fantastic, defs go for it!

Robotech overall is cool, and a pretty interesting slice of animation history.

Too bad Harmony Gold are assholes.

| First of all, FUCK Harmony Gold.
Secondly, go for it! Watch all the things!
Thirdly, don't bother with the most recent release of Macross. It's devolved.

| >>bb9c7c

Urgh, I can't think of SDF without thinking of sdf.org ;-;

| Macross good. Robotech good. Harmony Gold evil and bad.

| It's Great!

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