Madoka Magica (series)

| I watched the anime series of Madoka Magica today, and holy shit I was blown away by it. I expected "Sailor Moon but character deaths", but instead I got something absolutely incredible. It's clearly inspired by Devilman, but I love Devilman and Eva and that sort of stuff, and this show also brought some of its own really cool concepts, and the aesthetic and general mood was amazing.

I would love to hear you g/u/rls thoughts on it.

(No movie spoilers please I'm gonna watch them.)

| Is good. Been meaning to write an essay about how it takes a lot from urban Japanese individualism and how a lot of old people end up living and then dying alone, but I don't think I'm knowledgable enough about it yet. The issue Eva examines feels very personal, but Madoka feels very societal.

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Huh. I didn't really think about that, but I kind of agree. It did feel kind of, broader? The suicide stuff and the extreme stress and pressure and all that shit definitely had meaning.

| One of my favorite series.

| Gonna echo >>20637e, also one of my faves. I remember disliking Kyoko at first for being a jerk. Some people don’t like how it was so short, but I think it was the perfect length for what it was. No time was wasted and everything had a purpose.

Maybe I’m reading into it too much but all of the girls’ plights has something else to them that people could apply personally. Mami, being a shining role model for others only to get that rosy image broken for a lifetime

| Sayaka’s good intentions ultimately lead her down to hell, Kyoko watches someone make the same mistakes she did and can’t remedy it, Homura’s attempts at changing things for the better make things worse despite/because of the reset, and Madoka’s continual ‘uselessness’ drives her to sacrifice herself. Spoiler text is just stuff from main series.

The funny thing is that even with meta knowledge we’d fall into our own despair traps like some of them did.

| For a lot of series, it’s easier to self insert and think that with meta knowledge we’d be fine. But with PMMM, that is unlikely to save us imo because we’d be facing our own flaws/issues as the biggest danger.

Okay I’ll stop blog posting now

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That's some good stuff. I like everything you said about it, and agree with it.

| You can skip the first 2 movies, go for the third one.

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I'm gonna watch all of them, but thanks for the tips.

| First 2 movies are basically just the main show, right?

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Pretty much

| I was hooked on the first 5 minutes... that scene from the future with the music is just stunning. I need to watch again, but the feels are stronggg.

| the movie imo is what completes the story. first two movies are just the show episodes mashed together, you don't have to watch them if you already watched the show. 3rd movie tho, is just amazing.

also, there's this mobile game i keep hearing about, anyone here played it? does it worth the time sink?

| >>657672 Magia Record? Battle system is similar to FGO. I think its pretty solid in terms of gameplay and everything else manages to support it well. Really loved diving into the side stories of the girls. Fucking shame that it takes up way too much phone space (it was asking for around 5 gb as of current writing).

There's also an anime spinoff based on the game. Cuts a few fights and changes other little plot things to make things more concise.

| >>657732 It's not gonna top the OG show, but it manages to shine on its own. Iroha Tamaki goes to Kamihama City because of a strange vision of this girl telling her that magical girls can be saved there. She also can't seem to remember the wish that made her a magical girl at first, until she meets a strange version of QB. From there more shit kicks off.

Don't touch Magireco until you've finished main series because ep 1 spoils a huge twist in PMMM

| 5gb? damn. i wish there was a pc version

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