Sentai or Hentai?

| Who is superior?

| Super sentai hentai( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

| Sentai hentai sounds about right

| I should have said you can't choose both. So that I will know what you truly believe is greater: VAJAYJAY? OR JUSTICE?

(side note: anyone has some sentai hentai sauce?)

| Hentai. Sentai is kind of boring and only one very specific genre. Hentai is tons of different genres, tons of culture, tons of fun and exciting worlds and universes, and very sexually stimulating.

| Do not let Hentai lure you. MegaRed was tempted, but held strong in his duty to protect the Earth.
Sentai is forever, because the burning justice in your heart is eternal.

| >>656358
Justice is fake. I don't like it.

| >>656359 That sounds like something a VILLAIN would say!

| >>656425
I'm not a villain! I just dislike the justice system and want to enforce by own!

| >>656502 yup this is definitely something that a villain would say!

| >>656546
I'm not a villain! I'm your saviour! You will see. You will eat your fucking words once the world is cleansed.

| >>6a8b4d 100% a villain, only villains say fuck.

| >>656610
Fuck you! You said it too!

| This thread is full of villains! Kami Rider help us.

| >>656643
Yeah! Please! These justice obsessed whores are calling me a villain when I'm their saviour! They are true villains!

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