Manga recs for Quarantine

| I found out my city is going to stay in quarantine for 3 more months give or take so and I don't have the attention span to watch Anime so i'd like to catch up on a few manga, what are some I should read? My favorite author is Tsukumizu but Typically I like dark depressing series like Manga by Inio Asano and Shuzou Oshimi as well as Dark comedies and Horror Manga. Thanks

| Dai Dark is awesome

Also maybe now is a good time to learn Japanese desu

| >>785155 ah I still need to read dorohedoro thank you. Also I was born and spent my childhood in japan before immigrating so I know some rudimentary Japanese but my prime language is still English so I'll definitely use my time to also learn more of it

| I'm also reading dorohedoro but I haven't gotten into it yet. I'm still at the first few chapters.

I don't read many dark and depressing series but this one called Happiness really struck a cord with me. It's really good but a bit pervy.

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